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    Question Can you own a Kinship house as your personal house?

    OK so what i want to know is, say i make a kin and put all my alts in it. Wait for 3 months until it reaches rank 7 and lets me buy kin house so i buy the house i want with my main. can i then say disband the kin and keep the house as my personal house? or will it be lost when the kin is disbanded? basically i really want a kin house as my own personal house and if i have to wait 3 months for this then so be it. If the method i have suggested wont work can you suggest some ways that might?

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    Short answer is no.

    The kin house belongs to the kin and whoever is the kin leader is the one that controls the kin house. If you create a kin and buy a kin house, you as te kin leader control it. If someone else becomes the kin leader then they will control it. For kin houses the owner is the kinship, so whoever is the kin leader is the one that controls the kin house. If the kinship disbands or is dissolved the kin house goes back on the market since the "owner" (the kinship) no longer exists.

    If you want to keep the kin house then you have to keep the kinship active and the kin house paid for. Also, the since the kin house is owned by the kinship and not the character, you can get a standard/deluxe house plus a kin house for any kinship you are the leader for. If you have 10 characters on the account, each character can (theoretically) be a kin leader and control a kin house. Which means (in this example) 10 kin houses plus your standard/deluxe house. This is for each server as well.
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    I do this very thing, you just can't disband the Kinship after you get the house. Create a kin, wait a few months, enjoy giant house.

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    At the moment you still need 8 characters to keep a kinship active or it will disband. If you really want your own kinship house make a kinship and put your alts in it to meet the required members, wait the three months, then purchase your kinship house. Since you used your alts to fill it technically you are the only person in that kinship so you are the sole owner. If you decided not to have your main character join that kinship, for whatever reason, do not forget to set permissions so it can pay upkeep, go inside, use storage and etc....

    Enjoy having your own kinship house but remember: If the kinship is disbanded it no longer exists. If it no longer exists there can't be a house!

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    Just a reminder, as of U13, launching on the 14th of April, there will no longer be an 8 member requirement for kins. So if you want to make it really easy for yourself, just wait until after update 13 to start up your kin.

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    Shhh! Alt account, make alt kin lead, wait the 7 ranks of time, purchase said kin house, add your main to the allowed list and presto! You have your main house, kin house and alt house for storage. I bought mine in the same neighborhood and all surrounding the kinhouse so I have them in one place. My husband and daughters all have houses there too.



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