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Thread: Mounts!

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    Cool to train appretince riding, to have 68% speed on mounts for gold!
    Appretince riding skill should be unlocked at 85 lvl!

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    a) Apprentice (68%) and Journeyman (78%) riding skills are available in the Turbine store. Why would Turbine give away for free, what they are charging for?
    b) Barring random mounts from the Festivals, 68% Mounts were locked behind meta-deeds that can be earned at low as lvl 50.

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    Yeah, u are right, sorry for asking, i didnt know for that!!
    But how to complete meta-deed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaximus View Post
    But how to complete meta-deed?
    Did you follow the link?

    Most of the Meta-Deeds require to complete all the deeds of Various Instances.
    For example; Savior of Eriador has you completed all the Deeds in Carn Dum, Urugarth, Barad Gularan, Rift and Helegrod.

    However, World Renowned and Ambassador to the Elves only require you to get to Kin with various reputations.

    imo, Ambassador to the Elves is the Meta-Deed that requires the smallest amount of effort; Just get to kin with Rivendell, Galadhrim and Malledhrim.



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