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    Annoyed with a particular store bundle

    I have at least two characters (and maybe a third) that cannot buy the Traveller's Bundle in the store. Why? Because they picked up an extra milestone skill somewhere along the way. The bundle includes Milestone II-VI as well as Hurried Traveller and because the first one in the bundle is a duplicate, the characters are ineligible to purchase it. I really wish they would design these types of things as a non-gated items. The will, vitality, et al boosts are also like that. Instead of doing a +1 milestone unless count<X, they gate them on Tome I, Tome II, Milestone I, Milestone II, etc.

    That's actually a decent chunk of TP they're leaving on the table, because I can't buy the bundle and don't want to spend the extra 400ish TP on buying them separately.

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    Are you sure that you have this correct?

    I know for a fact that you're wrong about the tomes as I've looked myself at the bundles on characters that have used a tome and the bundle is then shown as not containing that tome and is slightly lower in price.

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    I may be wrong about the stat tomes, though it used to be that way. I bought a bundle (vitality I think) that a character had the first one already and when I opened it, the level I was red bordered. They may have changed that.

    I do know that I have 3 characters that have milestone II and the traveller's bundle does not show up as being available for them.

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    Depends on which game I'm in :)
    Contact Account Management. Perhaps there is something they can do for you.
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