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    Sep 2013

    Congrats Redrover on r15!!!!

    Congrats man!

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    Dec 2010
    Afk in Grams/GV
    Grats Red! Haven't known you long, but a good hunter, and a cool guy.

    Enjoy your shiny new rank!

    "Thinking you can do something is confidence; doing something is competence"
    Professorkeating, r12 War-Leader/ Ryzer, r13 Captain
    Skill and Valour, Landroval

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    Grats ^_^


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    Congratz man!
    Commander Gillrian Vectivus
    Lieutenant Cervezah Enlaplaya

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    Congrats red! Great hunter. Huge achievement. Good luck with whatever you choose to pursue now

    (Retired... Maybe un-retired?) Arkenstone: Immanitas R12 Burg, Gorbat R12 Reaver, Sueahpro R11 Mini, Falsified R9 RK, -The Blood Hand
    Crickhollow: Orphluk R9 Warg, Orphelun-1 R8 RK. -The Blood Hand.

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    Gratz man!

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    Gratz on Rank 15 man!

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    Grats Red on hitting r15... at last!!! jk jk

    Another CG has added to the team, welcome!

    And ofc enjoy yourself, I think you can rest now after all this way, has been a long journey, hasn't it?

    P.S. Your emblem is the red-orange sun, I hope you're the sun for many ppl in your rl man

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    Toronto, Ontario
    Congratulations Red, awesome hunter! Another R15 for BW, who's next?
    Third Marshal Rubicon Guardian ~ Third Marshal Raae Minstrel
    Commander Danceswithwargs Reaver ~ Taskmaster Whiskeytangofoxtrot Spider
    Commander Verkaufsschlacker Lore-master ~ Lieutenant Rivaalan Hunter
    ~ No Mercy ~

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    Thank you all
    its been a long time coming
    glad its finally done...

    Thanks to everyone for the fun fights , Zergs ,1v1s
    and everything else in between

    There is a lot of good freeps and good creeps on brandy and it has been a pleasure
    fighting with and against you all

    Canada wins again !!


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    Gratz rover !

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    Dec 2011
    Gratz Red!
    Second Marshall Tarpelion/Commander Huntarp/Master guardsman Vindicto



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