Apparently Turbine has decided to close the Ettenmoors due to the balancing complexity becoming so overwhelming that they've cut the Ettenmoors from further development to better focus on PVE only. Creeps will be eligible to roll one level 95 freep toon of their choosing, with the caveat that they must be Premium or V.I.P.

PVE side, they've also announced that in order to better emulate Tolkien's universe, all personal steeds will be removed from the game, as well as swift travel options. However, warsteeds will remain for zones where they are allowed. Characters will also be forced to eat now and then. This decision was made to keep Cooks happy as well as add realism to the game. Hunters will also be forced to buy arrows. Gone are the days of the "never-ending quiver". Metalworkers will produce the arrowheads, while woodworkers will be responsible for creating the shafts, much like I'm shafting you guys if you believe any of this. Happy April Fools!