As the Army of the Free People disband after their victory at Helms Deep, some of the brave soldiers of the Army want to set there destiny towards Mordor, and that is what we intend. Heroes of Valar is the 2nd Generation kinship of Army of the Free People. Still being ran by our 3rd Gen Leader, (I should think to say now 1st Gen since its a new kin, but hey.) Philiusa! We are a kin that welcomes all, the newbies, the oldies and the experienced. So far what we do is gather up together and have fun . We constantly still run skirmishes and raid together when we like and it has been working out since. We also PvMP together for the heck of it even though it is pretty nerve-raking. We would love more people, no matter what level, class, or race (I recommend not a hobbit class ) And if you need more info on what we do more, please send me a mail in-game at Ordirad, the 'planner', and have a feel on this kinship. If you like to discuss more stuff into depth on why we have this kinship, in-game mail Philiusa to get more info