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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethrildar View Post

    I'm not sure if you're stupid, have no idea how Warden as a class works, have no idea of it's basic class mechanics, or a combination of the three.
    Seriously, why?

    1) Load up 3 bleeds using battle prep? Sorry what? Battle prep is non-combat only, you can build ONE gambit with this skill,
    I said you can get three bleeds on a target using 1. battle prep, 2. a conventional gambit and 3. Battle memory.

    which upon use, is gone, meaning you have to rebuild your next gambit. You then BUILD your next gambit, using a combination of masteries & basic builders,
    (2 whole button presses for a tier 4 gambit - how do you manage it?)

    which whilst quite quick, is nowhere near the sort of speed that a hunter or champ would be at their fourth rotational skill by the time a Warden has applied two or three bleeds.
    B.S. Nothing builds up DPS faster on me than wardens.

    2) Battle memory skill, right, this saves the gambit you use (after you use a clunky potency gambit with a lengthy animation) into the secondary gambit default slot, so if you save Bleed 1, for example, you can use Bleed 1 again, but all you're doing is refreshing the bleed, doing minimal damage at best, since warden bleeds do not stack with themselves.
    I haven't played my warden since lvl 85 but I would swear surety of death, or other bleeds with the same icon SOD used to have, is stacking on me.

    3) 15k per tick. This is where my palm began going through my forehead. What wardens are you fighting?

    If they're buffed to the level that you're taking 15k bleed pulses, then that's a moot point, any class can receive these buffs and many can hit a lot, lot harder without a 4-second pulse time between each blow. If they're unbuffed, you're talking out of your rear-end, no warden gets 15k bleed pulses on a creep with exception being a 0 audacity rank 0 warg/spider who has NO corruptions traited. This is coming from a Warden who has a 98,000 mastery build (several thousand over the cap lol).
    That's 15k per tick all bleeds combined. Umm, have you played creep lately? I get these kinds of bleeds on me constantly. Comparing to weaver is moot: it takes them longer to get their bleeds up and I can cure them.

    I suggest you play the class for thirty seconds, or maybe just refrain from posting on these forums when clearly the only information you know for sure about wardens is that one killed you, and it's unfair to die in a pvp zone.
    I'm going to guess I played the class before you but really, why argue, You're a classic easymode player that only wants to protect their easymode.
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    Quote Originally Posted by J-Moneyforever View Post
    yeah you mentioned S&S in your rotation. Your already questionable credibility is now gone.
    S&S is one of the best warg skill that you dont know how to use it is your problem. Enough said
    Name: High Chieftain Vulkaran; Rank: 13; Race: Warg; Class: Stalker; Tribe: Creatures of the Fiery Kind

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    S&S is the second best burst skill of the stalker class, right after claw (being third on situational targets where PC is better than claw), doing the same average damage of Maul and this without criting as much.
    "My friends call me Gray, my enemies call for back-up" - GRay, 2003.
    "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" - GRay, 2012.

    r11 warg, r9 reaver/BA/def, r8 WL/Weav. Freep destroyer since 1989.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giliodor View Post
    7k DPS is easily achievable... on a lowrank/squishy freep. It's quite impossible on a full aud capped mits freep.
    I think there is no point talking about lowrank/no audacity freeps. 7k dps is impossible on ranked full adacity freeps. While 5k dps on highrank full audacity+dof pots warg is doable on warden.
    Name: High Chieftain Vulkaran; Rank: 13; Race: Warg; Class: Stalker; Tribe: Creatures of the Fiery Kind

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giliodor View Post
    Well obviously, in a world where healing is the answer to everything, ridiculous DPS is the solution. Does that justify warden DPS? No, it does not. It merely means there are two issues that need to be adressed: healing and warden DPS.

    I'm glad to have found somebody to reason with, somebody who actually understands. Please, sir Equiinox, lo and behold.
    Let´s try to take one step back maybe we can see the hole picture better:
    Players (freeps) were given then chance to create their own gear: essence gear.
    For the record: audacity is needed (4 pieces + 2 essence with mit and moral) ONLY for healing rk and healing mini. why? ...as a healer ure gone be 1st target and they will stick to you till ure dead...once u blown all ure cd and pots they will keep cc-ing you and therefor the audacity gear helps to reduce as much as possible the cc duration.

    Now bk on track:
    1. warden in blue line : you will need 2 or 3 creeps to take him down ...sometimes even more ...all depends on the setup/rank/coord of those creeps.
    QUESTION to this: can a solo freep kill a good defi or wl is they start to kite and heal ?
    2. Deru/Gil : what happend to youre full dps essence setup on ure hunter: the 1st 5 s of ure dps is simply insane (full phy mastery essence setup hunter).Warden can not do it like that but the dots will take him down also.
    3. what happend to the burg (same full phy mastery essence geared) :
    macro : ToO set on then aim then essence gear on then CdG and the rest of ure rotation

    When i go fun with 90+ mastery as warden in the moors then even mini in my group sometimes complains i take too much dmg.
    In this build i have 23% fw/oc and 24% tact mitigation, fully depending on my BPE and the healer.

    So to 90 + PM comes with 22% tact mitigation for me.

    If you have no clue about the warden (dont answer this here just ask ureself ) then please read and test 1st.
    Where does the warden´s dps increase comes from:
    1. Past: few updates before we had: BoV SoD SoV with the same icon (we still have them like this now) but, and here i need an exemple:
    let´s say:
    SoV appled on target (fi-sp fi-sp) with a chance to get double DoT
    Then u wanted to pop SoD (fi-sh fi -sh)
    The SoD dot would have refreshed the SoV dot.
    therefore bk then you would want to pop Fi-Sp line because u had a chance to get double DoT.
    Now: Now u can apply SoD and SoV at the same time. a chance to get 2 SoV dots + the SoD dot= 3 Dots with the same icon (for the ppl who dont know how and where those come from)
    I personaly hit circa 15k SoV dot not all day long but every now and then can happen...BUT (please carry on on reading) i ´m in 22% oc/fw and 25% tact mititgation build.
    2. the crit multip.

    We can not chance gear incombat so if i get catched with my pants down (full dps setup) by spiders or warg pack then i drop extreme fast. i dont complain i went in that setup and was unlucky on the numbers of creep wanting to play with me at the same time. :P
    What does my SoV tick does on a heavy class creep uncrit? 1.5-1.8k ? The crit multip is the high.
    4-5 wargs (an we all know they group up) with their pie-skill = me over 24k phy mitigation(with 2 pieces mit essence and rest dps essence) i go down to 0 (zero) mitigation.
    What about low rank creeps parrying my SoV upfront and then ressiting the SoV DoT on 22% finess?
    I poped my finess to 28-29% beacuse i know if it gets fixed then probebly next year.
    So please stop pulling one DoT out of one situation and yell omg warden is OP. If its no critting you like it, if it crits then start crying. There are too many "if" s here. Turbine gave us the chance make our own gear so try to have fun with this.
    What about the cappys or hunter -50% inc healing? Do i wanted? I dont need it NOW.
    The point is:
    Turbine doenst have the time nor the money nor interes to take then hole classes (freep and creep) to calibrate them. So i try to have fun with what is given to me.

    Sry for the wall of text
    Happy hunting wardens and NON-warden classes :P

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    Guys i forgot something,
    In red line the wardens heal is Never surrender. (whats the point to pop 800-1.5k conviction - 2 ticks or CoS)
    Warden has only one truly escape skill: fight to the death. at leasts thats the one i use.
    Ofc warden is in a very good spot atm. all they have to do is: 1. take a bit down the crit multip OR (the accent is on : --OR--) 2. old build: Fi-sh line dots dont stack with Fi-Sp line.
    If u wanna see op then store- spider or store-defi are the once you´ll need to play.
    If we meet on the map then ofc i´ll try to kill it. If i get killed then better luck next time for me maybe.
    Stop crying cause u only disturb the devs which are focusing on making the new pets.

    Have fun all


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