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While I realize the thread was specifically started about a warg pack, there is still a freep mentality I routinely see come out here which goes along the lines of "a couple well played, coordinated creeps with all their skills should be able to beat me" and somehow that becomes an argument against the freep class not being OP. And no one seems to see the problem with that.

I okay a decent reaver, the class freeps routinely point at as OP or why balance is fine and generally considered the best creep class. And yes I can prey on average freep players pretty easily including wardens and such. But good players of almost all freep classes I'd say are balanced with me with wardens and guards stronger than reavers. Not every line of every freep class but blue line lms, blue line minis (and I'd say red line minis should be able to win but I see few playing them to their full potential), both red and yellow cappies, any good burg willing to use TnG. Reavers have a definite advantage over hunters, champs and RKs but this OP class of creeps are worse then wardens for sure, probably then guards if guards use their big heals and even with lms, minis and burgs (and I'm talking about good players here). It doesn't take multiple good, well coordinated freeps to kill a reaver and that isn't even a mindset if ever go out with. When I played my mini (as I will again after u13) I knew every moment it was OP and I nerfed myself but I still saw other minis with that expectation they should be able to take on multiple creeps and it always pissed me off. And I still see it here.
Yea I agree with alot of this. Fundamentally, it takes alot of work on creep rotations/traits/rank to be able to compete with certain trait trees and classes that require less work to get to the same point.