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    YEAAHH BUDDY Gratz to Akrorgash r11 !!!

    great job chica! earned every point of inf. keep it up!
    Krahjarngladiator r10 reaver Spidermaan r10 weaver Shadowsfear r8 warg Vaineatter r8 Warleader Voodoomagoo r7 defiler Vilearrow r6 ba
    Arrowdain r7 hunter

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    Congratulationz Akro!! well deserved (: keep working for the next 1
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    GUARDIAN [color=green]SANTAREM[/color] ::: [color=green]R11[/color]

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    Gz Akro, keep up the good work and gl for the next one
    Narthor - r11 Warden | Glawoneth - r9 RK | Trengo - r8 Burglar | Torvareth - r8 Champion | Morgand - r7 Hunter | Garina - r5 Minstrel
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    Gz akro!!Well deserved , always fun to play with you/against you ! Goodluck with next ranks and continue like that

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    gratzzzzzzzzz akro well deserved good luck with the next one....

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    South Africa
    Congrats Commander Akrorgash. Very well deserved and happy you reached this rank Good luck with next rank and keep up the awesomeness
    E-strolling must be made in South Africa.

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    Prague, Czech Republic
    Gratz Akro !!! Keep it up

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    Awww congratulations dear Akro . Like the others said well deserved!! Good luck for the next and have fun .
    'In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him.'

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    Gratz Akro, well deserved after so much effort on evil side

    Have to be extra carefull on my freeps now...u look dangerous girl =)

    Gl for r12

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    big gratz Akro, well done and very well deserved!!!
    only 119 KBs on you and you're rank 11 already
    good luck with next rank (prob before me)
    all chars kinda retired, not playin anymore
    out of date but too bored to change it

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    Czech Republic
    As a former president of Akrogash fanclub, let me congratulate you and wish all good in upcoming ranks <3

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    Jun 2011
    Big grats Akro, very well deserved!
    Always enjoy fighting alongside you, most fair and honourable player I've met.

    Best of luck with the studies and hope to see you back soon!
    [b]Commander Ealdwen, the Wanderer[/b] (Hunter, Eldar)
    Officer of Claymore Nation

    [b]Overlord Throgath[/b] (Defiler, Withywindle)

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    gratz commandant Akro!
    WW creeps: Torrin (BA r12), Ungoroth (WVR r7), Garakgul (WRG r7), Dubfat (DEF r7), Kauudauk (WL r5), Mogurk (RVR r6)
    WW freeps: Tornin (RK r7), Valanyar (LM r1) ...etc.

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    Akro, you are awesome in every sense of the word. I am hereby renewing my membership to the Akrorgash Fan Club, and donating a box of hobbit legs to charity in your name.

    -- Bralg
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    I see dead freeple...

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    my bossign around was short lived. blimey

    Gratz though! You know i'm happy for you Keep up the good work and fair play

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    Gratz! When are you going to lead craids?
    Laurelin freeps: Tamien (R8 Warden) - Tanie (R9 Champion) - Tamieth (Hunter) - Tamia (Minstrel) - Challenger of Gothmog
    Laurelin extras: Tamyah (Baby Captain) - Netta (Baby Lore-master) - Yasmint (Cook)
    Laurelin creeps: Tamratz (R9 Warg) - Tambash (R8 Blackarrow)

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    Thanks everyone, I don't expect to get r12 anytime soon, will probably concentrate on my other creep chars/play hunter a bit before Akro ranks again and Tam I'm happy to lead craids when required, but ofc Dunc and Kami are the default two and if they aren't on/don't want to lead, I would happily lead as long as we had some creeps who could put up a fight
    Akrorgash - r11 reaver // Morakh - r8 wl // Tyrakh r6 ba // Silthus r8 Defi // Rawrik r6 neglected warg // ----- Withywindle

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    Dublin, Ireland
    Congratulation Akro ! One of the best reavers on server
    Ashdurbuk (RVR) R11 / Grachuk (WL) R8

    " Playing creep is the only difficult challenge in lotro ".



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