Hello all.

My question is to the Minis off LoTRO, how do you fight against r9+ reavers?

My impression is that its near enough impossible if not all together impossible to win that fight or even making a serious dent in the opponent. Im not at all the best nor am i the worst Mini the Moors has ever seen, but the fight is nearly over before it starts.
To add: I have approx 17k morale, 12k crit defence, and 14k crit rate. full AUD and r10 on my mini.

Usually it goes like this.

1: Reaver advantage fight: Charge (ofc) armour debuff, dot, dot, dot impale (usually over by then, but if not...) The below 50% hit and its over..
i can try to heal, but out healing this damage is not an option as its hitting for (usually) 3K x 3 on dots release and impale 3.5 on hit itself. With the previous hits to add the dots another 2-3k has already gone off me, so i usually end up with either being dead or at around 1k left.. which is cut short with the (cant remember the name) under 50% hit for around another 5k damage.

2: Mini advantage: I stack a slow or stun (depending on situation) he use his skill/brand/or pot to deal with that, Depending on situation. (brand for slow, skill for stun etc) fired a slow on me (ranged) + 1-2k damage, i use brand (12-14 min CD). I debuff light damage and commence the dps at this stage. He is not slowed at this stage and will catch up with me pretty fast as i need to face him to DPS and will move slower then him moving towards me. If i now managed to keep distance (which is usually fail to do as they catch up fast) he can slow me again, ranged... by that stage i cant mitigate that slow.. now refer to above text 1: reaver advantage but take away charge.

Questions to reavers:

I hit pretty hard, at times i have been able to actually damage some decent reavers, but it seems you guys even when running solo have some heals? or significant pots? I remember checking the combat log at one stage and seeing 5k and a couple of 9k hits... but the reaver did not show any real loss of morale. Im curious to hear how that could have been? is there pots for 20k? or is the new trait system helping on self heals?

To end id like to say, im not trying to call for this or that class to get a nerf, i have always said that on LoTRO there is a class thats more effective against another class, reavers being my weakness, but im looking for some genuine advice. Is there some super mini out there who can explain to me how or what i should do to stand a chance against them nasty r9+ reavers?