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    Creeps Full PvE content!

    Hello guys, im a creeplore fan mainly, and ive posted a other thread with my suggestions and i would like you to review it.

    See think what you want about it..

    I have a question though, in my threads i got a responded from yula saying that the costs would be too much for turbine to release a new content for creeps, not even a new map for pvp.. so i was wondering is turbine THAT broken? i mean how could games like WoW or Swtor or even GuildWars have more budget than a multi-billionaire company that is Warner Bros. ?

    Or its just a profit marketing tactic.. In all Reasons if the suggestions i made would get into actual review from turbine they would realize that the profit would be much Higher.

    And with all due respect, its also have some kind of ``honor`` to it.. i mean its Lord of the Ring were talking about, the creepside lore is as much important AS the freepside, we could argue about that not even from a subjective approach.

    Now im not stupid i dont want to the company take every measure from every suggestion, but come on, telling people its too high price for the possible profit isnt all true. And keeps the game at a mediocre and boring level for creeps. We are suppose to expect that its somewhere interesting to play for a hell of a time in the same map, same quests, and same ``zerg`` tactical pvp.... what else well be doing besides to do the ``dailies`` in moors over and over and over.
    And in my opinion that is the main reason that they will lose players in creepside that will affect directly those freep subscribers thus leading less money youre gaining from.

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    They are not broke, but don't have enough budget for a lot of things. I guess Warner Bros just doesn't want to invest that much money into this game since it's old and more people leave then people join.
    Warner Bros is a multi billion company, but they don't invest in stuff that won't give them profit or seems risky. Turbine fired a lot of devs and there is no new expansion on the horizon. No more good new instance and no more new raids. Just some tweaks here and there.

    All in all it doesn't look good and the chance that creeps will get PvE is 0%.

    What i said is just my opinion.
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    I do believe that one of the reasons a new map and the like is not available is licensing issues. I don't know much about it but I do know they're the reason for a number of things.
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    Creeps get no dev love because Turbine knows no matter how little it does, the creeps will continue to log in day after day and play. With no repurcussions for bad management and little effort, Turbine sees no reason to invest anything in PVP.

    Freep PVE is already suffering with a lack of content. If Freep PVE content is allowed to suffer, there is no chance Creep PVE content will get any resources.

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    The original plan was for Lotro to be a pure PvE game. PvP within Lotro was a late addition late in the pre launch development cycle. PvP was done in a hurry on a very limited budget. In order to provide a 1-50 leveling experience given the extremely small amount of time left before launch was not viable. In theory, it could have happened by doubling the cost of the game. Hiring a bunch of developers as temporary employes, finding office space and computers. Turbine did not have that kind of money because they were an independent company already maxed on their line of credit with the bank.

    Now, Turbine has 95 levels of content. The game is old. Warner Brothers has decided that they want to spend their dollars on products with high growth possibilities. I suspect all the Warner Brothers cash is being dumped into new games like Infinite Crisis.

    Lotro and the other live titles are obviously in a downward spiral with revenue going down which has resulted in two rounds of layoffs at Turbine. Some of the people that know at Turbine that are really good that used to work on Lotro have been moved to new product development such as Infinite Crisis.
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    Yes like Yula said, PvMP was just added so they could say the game had PvP on the box.
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    You know what would be an awesome idea (pretty much would never happen) is if they made a completely separate game for creeps and besides having creeps being limited to pvmp only they'd have their own game with pve content and everythig. And that game would have a conjoined server with lotro where the 2 games PVP content would be these 2 games fighting over a much larger ettenmoors or something kind of like a server war =P.
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    Well if you want PvE for your creep go down beneath the moors and have fun. Lots to do down there.
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    I'd love to see some new Creepside developments too, after all this time, a new map, better pve options, hey maybe even a few instances for Creeps. That is extremely unlikely. I believe the claim that licensing has a lot to do with such matters is very true. Also it is to do with how much money turbine are allowed to put into LotRO over-all. I think the people working for Turbine are committed to providing top notch gaming; unfortunately the only reason Warner Bros got involved is to provide an increase to their own profits - big company buys out the smaller company (or however you want to describe the situation), then big company bosses tell little company bosses "we want you to report x value profits to us or you wont have a job", basically anyway. That is a brut description but it gives the idea. Warner Bros didn't invest in Turbine so they could put money into Turbine, they invested so they could take money out. So Turbine do not have the money to spend on us. Especially Creepside.

    So they say the original plan was for a PvE game only but added PvP at the last minute prior to release. I believe Turbine always had some ideas for PvP to be a part of LotRO but may have otherwise kept them under wraps longer. Then at the last minute, for marketing, made a business decision to forward the PvP to the original release time. This may not have been very wise in retrospect. However sometimes one must take a gamble I suppose.

    These people know that, yes, many of us will addictively log in again and again and again. We all see it and many of us do it. So I don't bother with PvMP so much anymore, just a few fights here and there. I still enjoy the endgame even though there has been some criticism toward endgame content in recent years. I can only suggest that we all rethink our approach to Turbines PvMP, especially how much time we spend using it; until it dies with dignity or improves a great deal.

    I am concerned that LotRO is going downhill and has been for a while now. There are plenty of decent options out there for PvE or PvP. So yes many people will "uninstall" in favour of something that is given better financing as a means of providing a decent experience.

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