Hello guys, im a creeplore fan mainly, and ive posted a other thread with my suggestions and i would like you to review it.

See think what you want about it..

I have a question though, in my threads i got a responded from yula saying that the costs would be too much for turbine to release a new content for creeps, not even a new map for pvp.. so i was wondering is turbine THAT broken? i mean how could games like WoW or Swtor or even GuildWars have more budget than a multi-billionaire company that is Warner Bros. ?

Or its just a profit marketing tactic.. In all Reasons if the suggestions i made would get into actual review from turbine they would realize that the profit would be much Higher.

And with all due respect, its also have some kind of ``honor`` to it.. i mean its Lord of the Ring were talking about, the creepside lore is as much important AS the freepside, we could argue about that not even from a subjective approach.

Now im not stupid i dont want to the company take every measure from every suggestion, but come on, telling people its too high price for the possible profit isnt all true. And keeps the game at a mediocre and boring level for creeps. We are suppose to expect that its somewhere interesting to play for a hell of a time in the same map, same quests, and same ``zerg`` tactical pvp.... what else well be doing besides to do the ``dailies`` in moors over and over and over.
And in my opinion that is the main reason that they will lose players in creepside that will affect directly those freep subscribers thus leading less money youre gaining from.