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    Suggestion: Investing in Development Objectives

    This may not be something everyone would want to do, but I beg that people not hate it because of that. This is something that I think can help the Devs gauge how much interest there is for certain future additions to the game, without making assumptions that might harm them in the longrun.

    The Idea:
    So the idea is that there is a new Store category, called Development Investments, or something along those lines, where people can "donate" a small amount of Turbine Points to show that they are interested in (rapid) development of said Objective. The "donation" could be something like 50TP for 1 "share". There would be statistics on how many Shares are bought for each

    Player Incentive:
    Just to give incentive to players for spending TP on something that very honestly might take a long time to happen, or might not happen, I also suggest that each Share/"donation" grant a small, account wide discount for any purchase, through the store or in-game coin. They would be stacking, up to say 50% off. I would say that each Share/"donation" could give a discount of between [.1%-.5%] (I would recommend .25%, which would allow 12500TP to be invested by any one account, which would grant 50% bonus; this might be better to cap off at 25% though). An example of this could be: I purchase 10 50TP "donations" to promote the development of "Crafting Wallet"; for each purchase I might receive a discount of Crafting materials, but I also would receive a discount for any and all future additions having to do with this Objective, such as a Lotro-Store-purchased upgrade that allows the use of a Crafting Wallet (like Premium Wallet). [The discount recieved would basically work for any related Coin purchases (present and future), but only apply to future Lotro-Store upgrades related to the Objective.

    In order to prevent Turbine abuse of this, in reality, free-money making device, I would say the Developer Team would need to vote on each Objective (which could be proposed in a sub-forum or thread or something for analysis) to make sure that the Objective/idea is able to be done, as well as in the interest of Turbine. This is vital to the system in my opinion.

    Some example Objectives:
    • More Housing Furniture (furniture copied from landscape, or new, exclusive ones) [discount on any new exclusive (store) furniture, as well as Coin-bought furniture in-game]
    • Free-placement Furniture [discount on furniture max-item count, or anything related]
    • More Social Capacity (friend list, chat channels, chat tabs) [discount on more slots for each of the said ideas, unless they are free, then just to support development]
    • Crafting Wallet [discount on vendor bought crafting materials, and any Crafting Wallet Upgrades]
    • More Classic Instances [discount might be a boost to Classic Instance Coin loot or something? or nothing]
    • New Ettenmoors/PvMP map [discount on map if it costs money, discount on Creep Store stuff?, and Freep Coin stuff]
    • blah, blah, blah

    [Not every feature has to cost money just to be an Objective. For example, a More Classic Instances Objective could create more instances that everyone could use, which may or may not need to be bought for VIP, or with a cluster pack.]
    [The perks are supposed to be very small so you can invest a lot if you want to get the best perk (which aren't even all that useful for everything), without capping your personal investment and not being able to help fund/promote it anymore.]

    Potential Issues:
    I recognize that few rich people could completely hog the Objectives and development attention, and I don't want that, but I want a way for people to give a say, with something substantial, to help guide the game's direction. And if people are investing a lot, they are either 1) helping directly with their "donations" or 2) plan on paying a lot in the future for these products and features as well.

    edit:Possible Tweak to the system:
    A possible issue might be that the objectives get overpowered as time progresses, so what I might suggest is that there are bi-annually or quarterly openings of these Investments, which are sold for a month, at the end of the month, the one with the most investment (including prior investments) would be a primary focus for a quarterly/bi-annual release.[Turbine should/would need to (PLEASE!) show us the results of the tallied Investments, but only after each Investing session is over, and the verdict on the focus Objective has been determined.] The issue with this is that it might take longer to develop each objective, and unless there was a lot of feedback, it might not work well (as with all of this). If this idea were to happen, I would suggest that it be a free vote, in-game, to all VIPs, and F2P’ers or Premiums can buy 1 Ballot (with all of the current Objectives) for ~ 250TP each voting session (2-4 times a year) [This is to show that people investing in the game should have a say, but also to prevent excessive F2P account creating just to vote for your favorite Objective, thus lessening the value of those who invested].

    Add your own Objective Ideas here:
    Feel free to extend my Objective list right here to help improve this suggestion (whether you like it or not). I will try to update the main list, but if I don't just put your idea formatted as so,so others can see:
    "Objective Idea: <what it is>"
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