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Why do I feel condescended? You picked a really minor, semantic point in my post and thought that you would try and 'show me up'. It does not matter if the skill is triggered by an actual parry or if it is triggered by FTTP - I was saying that if Riposte is continually triggered this boosts dps.

Using the same logic, a Guardian that gets a parry response from BB jewellery is not 'really getting a parry response' - why be pedantic?
because, from a combat perspective from their opponent, they aren't getting a parry response. Its hardly an issue of semantics on say a warg, where fighting a guard or champ who has specced into blue only enough for reposite damage, and not enough for the trait i listed above means they can turn off auto-attacks and the damage done by reposite or parry response chain skills can be significantly diminished (unless of course the guard has traited for the sting chance to proc parry responses). Same can go for a reaver who could choose to turn off AAs and if played carefully slow their own skill output but ensure they don't use attacks while facing their opponent to prevent or significantly reduce parries. Or a WL only using their other melee skills when shield bash has the champ/guard stunned. Etc, Etc, Etc.

Its not a minor point or a pedantic argument, its a potentially very big shift in the balance of a fight.