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    War-steeds, Follow, and the "Spin-Dry" effect

    To the dev(s) in charge of mounted content:

    Could you please fix the tendency of war-steeds to spin on top of the corpse when their quarry dies? This happens whenever a war-steed is on /follow. I thought it was just a quirk of having the "followee" dying, but I noticed in the latest Take the Hobbits to Isengard run that it happens regardless of what the war-steed is following.

    With regular mounts, if the leader stops, the mount simply stops. Can this be implemented for war-steeds under all /follow conditions, pretty please????


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    Maybe war-steeds, by their nature, are just a bit more high-strung than your average horse or pony. (Goats can be high-strung, too, but with them it is expressed through periodic cliff-diving in Moria.)

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    Spin-Dry is annoying enough, but I've found the /follow aspect on war-steeds is iffy at best and they're frequently known to wander off in their own direction. What I find particularly frustrating though is if a friend or my own 2nd character goes in follow and we are dismounted in water, they are suddenly no longer in follow. I had my new 95 minstrel in follow tonight and we crossed a river to get to an ore node. I looked around, and there she was casually floating in the river, not bothering to follow me at all. The pathing is bad enough, but it would be nice if /follow actually worked properly.
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    I'd like to see all follows be set to follow a little further away. Especially the NPCs. It's rather annoying to have someone put you on follow and every time you stop they are standing on top of you. It was particularly annoying when I took my hobbit burg through the Isengard capture quest string. Every time I stopped I had my toons face in that stupid orc's crotch. Disgusting.



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