Hey guys ninjashadow here.

I was doing some thinking here about what would be some things that would improve the moors and one thing that I thought of was pots.

I think one of 2 things need to happen with pots which was one of the subjects I thought of

Either everything needs to be non potable for both sides and remove pots completely (speaking about moors only here) or....

Everything needs to be potable!

The reason I want this change is because right now it's all so confusing! People complain about this skill potable and this skill not and you never really know when to pot and when not to unless you look at your bars and it's just kind of messy

I like the idea of everything being potable because it kind of adds another layer of difficulty to the game and another...skill set I could say as well as having to know the class your fighting to know when you should save your pot

But it's also a whole nother layer of complication that I feel like we don't really need to deal with if we don't have to and possibly one less thing to balance

So I don't know I could go both ways with this I guess but one of these I believe needs to happen in the ettenmoors.