Please replace the annoying goblin voice overs , as an example , this area Tham Andalath in the Evendim ,has some of the most annoying goblin voice overs I have ever heard .The one in jail in Thorins hall by the mailbox has the same annoying voice overs . I don't know why the voice overs were changed , they used to be hilarious .
If Turbine/W.B. Makes a goblin to play in the moors PLEASE don't give it these voice overs . If i were to go out and here a new race /gobblins had these voice overs i would not spend the money or TP to buy this race .Which would be sad cause i am looking forward to one day to being able to play a gobblin .But only if it has the original voice overs that i found to be hilarious and funny emotes they have . Gobbins IMO would bring a bit of humour to the moors .