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    New Hobby: Net Fishing

    Yes, I realize that it's still fishing.

    However, let me lay out for you all an idea that I had and a few possible ways I think would be cool to have it play out in the game.

    Once the player has reached the maximum rank in pole fishing, a quest ring will appear over every Hobby Master in the game. Talking to the Hobby Master will give you a quest to take a fishing net over to a nearby body of water and make three catches with it. Once you've made three catches (whether those catches are fish or they are old boots) you go back to the Hobby Master and click Finish Quest. (S)he teaches you the Net Fishing skill, allows you to purchase a basic fishing net from his store, and you set off to make 200/200 successful fishing attempts with the basic net.

    I think it would be a fantastic idea to gate the progress of net fishing like it was for pole fishing, simply because it would keep everybody from plowing through the Net Fishing hobby to max rank in a day. Hobbies are supposed to be for fun, right? A different way to enjoy Middle-Earth than the grind for a new level, a deed, or reputation. It's supposed to be a way to unwind and appreciate a different side of the game. And so that's why I feel that gating it by a certain number of advancements per day would be a good idea. But to make it up to players, here's my other idea for Net Fishing...

    It would also be incredibly cool if Tailors could craft the various kinds of nets used for Net Fishing as a hobby in this game. They would use, whatever material is available for string for Tailors (I'm sorry I've never played a Tailor), and throw in a required tailoring component of the appropriate level to make the net. The types of nets available to crafting could be included as follows:

    Common Flax Net - 10 Spools of Rough Thread + 5 Common Flax Fibres (Apprentice Tailor)
    Bree Flax Net - 10 Spools of Fine Thread + 5 Bree Flax Fibres (Journeyman Tailor)
    Pale Flax Net - 10 Spools of Cotton Thread + 5 Pale Flax Fibres (Expert Tailor)
    Yellow Flax Net - 10 Spools of Silk Thread + 5 Yellow Flax Fibres (Artisan Tailor)
    Golden Flax Net - 10 Spools of Elven Thread + 5 Golden Flax Fibres (Master Tailor)
    Fairy Flax Net - 10 Spools of Extraordinary Thread + 5 Fairy Flax Fibres (Supreme Tailor)

    I think Net Fishing would be a fantastic way to make multiple catches. And depending on the kind of net, the number of catches could be quite large indeed.

    Instead of just the one random catch that a pole makes, the nets could make multiple catches:

    Basic Net (1-3 random catches)
    Common Flax Net (3-5 random catches)
    Bree Flax Net (5-7 random catches)
    Pale Flax Net (7-9 random catches)
    Yellow Flax Net (9-11 random catches)
    Golden Flax Net (11-13 random catches)
    Fairy Flax Net (13-15 random catches)

    As a note of caution, I don't think it would be wise to make it possible to draw from anything other than what can be caught regularly by pole fishing. No fishing up Emerald Shards or Tarnished Symbols or Celebrimbor or Scrolls of I Win And You All Lose. Just the junk fish, junk broken items, junk seaweeds, junk skulls, boots, fish that can be cooked, and taxidermy fish. Nothing else.

    I also happen to think that it would be awesomely cool if there were multiple tiers for Net Fishing. Like, you get to 200/200 with the Basic Net and then you go back to the Hobby Master who has another quest for you, the quest being to acquire a Common Flax Net. When you get one, return to the Hoby Master and they unlock for you Net Fishing with the Common Flax Net, and you have to get to 200/200 with the Common Flax Net. Then return to the Hobby Master who wants you to bring them a Bree Flax Net, then they will unlock for you Net Fishing with the Bree Flax Net. And it continues all the way down until you get 200/200 with a Fairy Flax Net.

    Possible Titles could include:
    Net Fisher
    Master Netter
    Fish Snarer

    I don't know, none of those are really very good, but you get the idea.

    Anyway, I would very much like this to happen, because I was playing earlier today and decided that I wanted to go fishing because it had been such a long time. And when I went fishing, I realized that it took absolutely FOREVER to catch anything of any value to anyone. And by that I mean to cooks. Cooks have recipes that use fish, but why aren't they used more predominantly in the game?

    This got me to thinking. The answer is, of course, because it is entirely too time consuming to round up enough fish to make it worth anything to cooks. I imagine that's why there isn't much call for fish anymore.

    Well, I believe that with this as an added hobby (Net Fishing), it will open up several opportunities to revive the fish market in Lord of the Rings Online and make it so that adding fish to cooking recipes is entirely worth while!

    Thank you for your time and reading this.
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    My first thought was 'no thanks, who needs more fishing?' But actually, that's a pretty well-thought out suggestion.

    And if you could actually catch enough to make it worth while, that's a nice bonus.

    Since all the fish are already in place, it wouldn't even be that hard to implement.

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    I was also sort of toying around with a secondary hobby that would kind of go hand-in-hand with Net Fishing: Boating. This wouldn't be ships or anything like that so much as the little one or two man boats that you have to paddle.

    I was thinking that it might be cool if you could (much the same with Net Fishing) go to the Hobby Master, get a practice boat to take to a body of water and use (when you're in to a sufficient depth) by paddling across from one side to the other. Then go back to the Hobby Master who will teach you the basic boating passive skill. In my head, I envision this skill as a toggle that can only be used when you're in a body of water up to a certain depth. You click the skill and you climb up into a boat that appears on the water from out of nowhere (a lot like mounting a horse in LotRO).

    The way I envision progress in the Boating hobby is that you have to actually go somewhere in the boat for the deed to register anything. Travel in the boat, in the water, and maybe you get 1/200 in Boating for every 10 meters you travel. I think your skill level at Boating should affect boat speed as well as your turn rating.

    I also think that Woodworkers should be able to craft wooden boats of increasingly superior quality which add a small (but noticeable) bonus to your speed and turn rating while using it. These "boats" would be non-consumable items that summon and unsummon the crafted boat much like the Boating skill itself. Summoning a crafted boat should also activate the Boating deed and count all distance travelled toward completion of the deed.

    And now for the part that ties in with Net Fishing:

    I think it would be pretty great if when you hit a certain mile marker in Boating (say perhaps 50/200 or maybe 200/200 on the first tier of Boating) you can go Net Fishing while "mounted" in your boat. Not only that, but Net Fishing from inside your boat will allow you to use bigger nets. I think it would be very cool to have "large" versions of the nets mentioned: Large Common Flax Net, Large Bree Flax Net, Large Pale Flax Net, etc... These would be nets capable of hauling in up-to double the load of their regular counterparts, but should require three times the listed crafting ingredients (and while I'm thinking about it, should only be useable by someone who has mastered that tier of Net Fishing--Large Common Flax Nets only usable by someone who's mastered Common Flax Net Fishing 200/200).

    Anyway, I realize that this kind of makes Boating only really desirable when used in tandem with Net Fishing as there aren't really a lot of great places that are only accessible by boat, but it WOULD make crossing Everswim less tedious. It would also make crossing the Forochel Ice Bay possible (something that I have wanted to do for a while now). And who knows, creative developers might just make it so that if you Net Fish from an otherwise difficult to access spot, you can get a chance to fish up certain lost treasures (do you realize how many valuables have been lost to the bottom of the Ice Bay from the bellies of sunken ships smashed on the icebergs?) in the form of maybe a lootbox here and there, maybe a pile of gold/silver/copper scraps, how about a piece of long forgotten clothing that isn't even in style in this part of Middle-Earth that can be equipped cosmetically, a different "corsair" uniform/hat.

    Anyway, this is just a thought, and would certainly make more parts of Lord of the Rings Online enjoyable and feel more like a living world.

    I have no trouble at all envisioning a future for LotRO in which at any time, it's possible to pass a few Net Fishermen on the side of a river/stream or out on the lake casting their nets to haul in a load of fish to sell. Perhaps not a full-fledged crafting vocation, it would be a very excellent other way for people to enjoy something different in Middle-Earth.

    Although not as long as my original post, thank you for reading.
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    It's a good idea but I think it can only be made possible by Turbine if there is a way to get money out of the players of it. Don't think players want to pay for a hobby in Lotro.

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    I think this is generally a good idea, but I suggest gating the Net Fishing to about 100/200 in Pole Fishing. Also, if you want to have the different tiers of Net Fishing, then it might as well be a profession. And if you have to get 200 points (20 days) for each tier, no body will ever get that done. I'd make it just all 1 hobby, and have increments of 30-50 for each tier, and after that you can make use of the next tier of net. This would mean the hobby would go higher than 200 points depending on how high level they do this. For example, 1-30 would allow the use of Common Flax Net. 31-60 would allow the use of Bree Flax Net, Huge Common Flax Net, and the normal Common Flax Net. 61-90 would allow the use of Pale Flax Net, Huge Bree Flax Net, normal Bree Flax Net, Huge Common Flax Net, and the normal Common Flax Net. etc. etc. etc.
    I think it would be nice to also bring back bait, which a cook can make (or you just buy them) which will double the chance of receiving a specific tier's cooking fish. Also, I would like to see more fish added to higher level tiers if they improve the system with this hobby.

    Just checking, are the fishing nets consumed on use. I don't think you said in the post. Would it work like a fishing rod (infinite), or like a skill consumable, or maybe like a buff that lasts 5-15 mins that lets you use the hobby skill in the first place?
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    I'm sorry I didn't clarify.

    The way I envision it is that the nets function like fishing poles. They are items that are carried in your inventory until needed and then equipped. They are unlimited use and do not require repairs.

    And the reason that I want so many tiers of fishing is that I believe that there WILL be many people (very many people) who will max out every single tier of fishing allowing use of higher level nets. Simply because it's something new and different (I for one will be one of them).
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    Shameless bump.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djrackley View Post
    Shameless bump.
    No shame needed, I want more hobbies and twists to it as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cartman76 View Post
    No shame needed, I want more hobbies and twists to it as well
    Well, I happen to think that Turbine started to do something cool with including fish into cooking recipes, but then started to notice a decline in fish-based dishes being cooked when most people hit he fishing hobby cap. It just wasn't fun anymore. Sure they're a master angler, but now what? Is the player base expected to wasted their time one cast at a time, HOPING for a good fish to cook, but more than likely getting a junk fish or some other kind of junk something. I'd be willing to bet that they saw that recipes was jumping the gun a bit, but they didn't know how to fix the system.

    That's kind of where Net Fishing is supposed to come in. A new way to utilize the existing system in such a way that it encourages players to keep fishing, even long after they've capped out their Net Fishing skill. Because with nets, you would have the ability to make multiple random catches. And even if you did get mostly junk instead of actual fish, so what? With more catches per cast, you're getting more while spending less time doing it, so it's not waste of time, and with better nets (and with the inclusion of the boating hobby--bigger nets) you'll be making even more catches per cast. All in all a win-win situation for the hobbyists. And since each individual piece of junk caught is an insignificant amount any, it wouldn't hurt the game's economy to allow these large numbers of catches, because the money earned selling the junk wouldn't be much compared to the equal time spent doing something else, say hunting boars in Breeland for their hides.

    And really, this is just a start. A "get the hobby ball rolling" kind of a thing. Once it starts and the developers see how easy it can be to create new and interesting activities that will make some of the player community happy, it shouldn't be terribly long before they would be willing to start looking at slightly more engaging hobbies, like game hunting (the world is rife with little 1/1 critters that could be used for game hunting. I even made a suggestion a while ago about a possible way that you could do game hunting without stepping on any class' toes. But that's a post for another time.

    Let's do this thing. Net Fishing!
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