I have hesitated posting this for quite a while now, because I don't enjoy starting a snipe hunt; however, I realized that things can never change/improve if people don't say what's on their mind.
This could just be me, venting, but I HATE strategy games and large scale battles. For me, MMORPG is about the RPG, not the MMO. I don't even like being forced to group in order to complete deeds or quests (Limelight Gorge comes to mind here). There are those who enjoy that type of gaming--I don't; I'm too afraid of messing up and getting someone else killed. If this game was available as a non-MMO, I'd play it in a heartbeat.
It seems to me that much of the Helm's Deep quests are of the sort that have little to do with a character's class and skills, but rather with their ability to function on a larger field as a commander or leader. The last time I actually played, I quit in the middle of a quest because I was frustrated and angry. I like up close and personal; mano a mano; and, realizing that I wasn't really enjoying LotRO anymore, I quit playing for over a month. Logged in yesterday, and--meh--checked the store, paid rent on my housing and quit again.
I am sure that there are thousands of players that LOVE the more grandiose play style, and that it has most likely attracted a whole horde of new, money-spending players, and good for you, Turbine, you're in business to make money; and good for them too, if this is what they enjoy; but, to paraphrase Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, getting friends is easy, keeping them is the hard part.
I guess what I'm saying is--how about more solo content that doesn't seem like a rerun from every other area. Playing games is supposed to be fun, not frustrating; energizing not enervating. LotRO stopped being fun when I was no longer able to game on my terms.
This is just my opinion, which I'm entitled to.
I don't need a reply.
I don't need anyone to agree with me.
This just how I feel.
Thanks for listening.