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    Lightbulb * Personal Wardrobe & Shed *

    ______Update (3/21/14)
    Was thinking about this idea again of late, as my cosmetic mule accounts continue to grow, and had a few changes I would make...figured it was better to simply continue here rather than create a new thread over the same idea.

    I would like to see a personal wardrobe where the standard here is your x amount of spaces, pay to unlock more, is turned into a here is your closet, how many unique outfits can you find? My new visual would be to think of the War-steed Appearance window. When you receive a war-steed cosmetic, it goes into that appearance window as an option to use. So the personal wardrobe would allow you to send an equipment or cosmetic item into it, enabling that style to be used in your outfits. It would be separated by slot, much as the war-steed appearance is currently (just different slot types of course). It would be helpful to separate those slots into subcategories but I figure that is information not already available (code wise). Perhaps the icons could be dragged into an order you choose rather than staying alphabetically...

    Once a style is put into the personal wardrobe, it cannot be dyed inside it, nor can items that are unequip-able be placed in it (that is the shared wardrobes specialty). However, if you have purchased the shared wardrobe then you would be allowed to drag the style from there into your personal wardrobe. Whatever dye is currently on the item is what would be retained within the personal wardrobe. To change it you would need to utilize the shared wardrobe function (so one can drag an item both ways between the personal wardrobe and the shared wardrobe).

    A huge benefit that I overlooked previously...having this personal wardrobe could potentially increase store cosmetic sales. When cosmetics are purchased in the store they take up inventory space, and at least for me, that hinders my desire to get too many. Having this feature would erase that hindrance, leaving just the excitement of gaining new outfit styles.

    I keep dreaming for a feature like this to pop up and would love to hear if others would appreciate it also, or have any pieces they would alter to make it even better!

    ______________________________ ______________________________ ___Original Post__________________________ ____________________________
    We currently have a shared wardrobe, a very helpful feature. I would like to see a personal wardrobe and a shed. The personal wardrobe would also be an account-wide tp store purchase, but would be applied per character. The Shed would be an account-wide purchase that applied to your account(per server obviously). The personal wardrobe would be an additional option you could select at a Vault NPC. The Shed would be available one the housing maintence window was open (but only useable really when its open in the vacinity of your house).

    *Personal Wardrobe*

    This feature would allow a character to build their cosmetic collection. Rather than acting like storage where you need to unlock 10+ additional spots (as the vault,shared storage, and shared wardrobe do), the personal wardrobe would instead function like a puzzle to unlock all the pieces. Technically the size would be limited to the number of equippable items in the game(excluding jewlery,weapons,pockets,etc of course).

    {Ideally it would be limited to the number of different cosmetic styles in the game, but I am doubting that would be realistic. That would require coding to know if both Item X and Item Y both shared the same graphic look}

    To use the personal wardrobe, when a character found an item (either 'cosmetic' or armour), they could drag said item into it, thereby unlocking that cosmetic style. Later, if you wanted to equip said style in your outfit you would drag it from the personal wardrobe to your outfit slot. You may be thinking to yourself, well that sounds exactly like the shared wardrobe, whats the difference? The difference is the personal wardrobe has no size restriction, is character specific, and has no dyeing ability. Think of it like the difference between a character's vault and their shared storage.

    As the game seems to need an item name to use it for an outfit, the personal wardrobe couldnot store these styles as Style 1, 2, etc. Lke the shared storage, they would be listed by their item name. It would be amazing if the personal wardrobe would look like numerous little empty boxes(a tab for each slot) that would turn into a draggable image once unlocked. However, I'm guessing that would take Much more time to create...so instead, there would be a tab for each slot (like the deed log has multiple tabs), with a few 'boxes' inside each that you could customize/organize yourself (like the vault has different chests). So for example, Cloak Z would be dragged into the personal wardrobe. It would be placed on the Back tab. I could name a box on that page 'Hooded cloaks' and move the style there. If the same item were dragged in twice, a simple pop up would alert you that that style is already present (dye color is irrelevant). If you wanted to change the dye color later, you would need to drag it to your outfit first and THEN dye it. (which leaves the shared wardrobe with that special feature).

    It would be handy if the shared wardrobe items could be dragged into the personal wardrobe, but I'm unsure if that would result in too much of a loss of the uniqueness of the shared wardrobe. Any thoughts?

    This feature could go one of two ways. I prefer the unlocking way, but the storage way is more probable. The shed would function like the shared wardrobe except that it would keep track of housing furniture. Housing items could be 1)stored up to say 20 items, until more space is purchased, or 2)unlock that style in the shed so the only size limit is the amount of housing items that exist in game. Either way would allow someone to place a piece of housing furniture from the shed into their house (as many times as you'd like, providing you have enough hooks in your house).

    After reading these two different ideas, would you be willing to spend tp for these features if they existed? (I would buy the personal wardrobe right away as I have 16+ characters currently storing cosmetic items....which is sadly ridiculous xD)

    Any other comments, thoughts, etc?
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    That might be fun.

    But it would cost money to design and install, and would not bring much (if any)
    money in in return. So there are two chances that WB would be willing to fund it --
    slim, and none -- and slim is busy grinding mobs in Wildermore.
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    The personal wardrobe resembles the collection feature in Swtor. You have to acquire a Cartel Market item with either Cartel Coins (which are bought with dollars, can be earned in very small quantities once per account playing the game or as your monthly subscriber stipend) or credits. Bind the item to a character. Finally pay Cartel Coins to unlock the item for all characters. The non Cartel Market items are not part of the collection system.

    Swtor does not have a cosmetic system like we do. Instead they use a moddable gear system you keep and use the shell which has the appearance you get tired of it. Any Cartel Market item that you have unlocked with Cartel Coins you can get a replacement at any time you want at no charge.

    Turbine could probably do something like what you are asking where you unlock each item in the personal wardrobe via Turbine Points maybe 100 Turbine Points for each unlock assuming you have the item you want to unlock. Do similar functionality for housing items.

    The questions are

    1) Given the database access issues Turbine has with the core design of Lotro could they implement this functionality in a way that would not have a negative impact on character loading times, teleports, landscape land block subserver changes and performance?

    2) Would Turbine be willing to implement a product that competes with existing expensive storage options?

    3) Does Turbine have sufficient main memory available on their game servers to handle the character object bloat caused by all the extra data?
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    I would like to enhance the wardrobe idea to include being able to group items together, so that all my winter stuff is in one drawer/tab, octoberfest is in other, etc.

    I'd love to have an actual wardrobe housing item that would bring it up, too

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    Added an update above with some small changes to the idea first proposed (located in the first post). With the current functionalities of the shared wardrobe and the war-steed appearance, I do not believe this would be a ridiculous amount of new coding/work to accomplish. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems I realize, but I think the current structures would aid the building of this new one



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