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    Test Dummies - why you no last so long?

    I guess my biggest gripe with the existing landscape dummies is the thing I liked the most about the E & G dummy: It stayed in combat. When DPS-parsing a Fire RK, we have to stay in combat for a couple of minutes while our DPS settles out. On the landscape dummies, combat drops after 15 seconds, wiping any dots and incurring an attunement drop. Is there any way we could improve the landscape dummies to stay in combat for an extended period of time? Perhaps make it so that they auto-accept sparring requests? Or perhaps invent some kind of "drop combat" that would allow us to stay in combat as long as our blue bar could keep us?

    Allowing us to stay in combat for longer than 15 seconds improves the quality of DPS parsing in 3 ways:
    1) Longer parses provide more accurate measurements.
    2) REALLY long parses allow us to obtain power utilization metrics in addition to DPS.
    3) Specific to fire RK's, combat drops on the 15-second dummies before we are able to get all our DoT's ticking. I frequently don't reach full DPS before combat drops.

    I know that staying in combat after leaving the DPS arena was a nasty bug, but can't Turbine make improvements to the existing dummies to make them more suited to long-term parsing? I'm sure the technology exists; the pieces just need to be assembled.

    Reposted from https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...here-did-it-go at Kehleyr's recommendation.

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    What is a E&G dummy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nymphonic View Post
    What is a E&G dummy?
    Inside the Eyes and Guard Tavern on Bullroarer there are dummies that work differently than the ones you find on the landscape in live.
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