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You've made this complaint before and it's not remotely close to my experience. Once charge/resilience are up (and sometimes while resilience is still up), I'm getting pretty consistently stunned, definitely more than I should be and enough for the LM to kite and use WL to heal back up. Not saying LMs are OP, but that CC is still a huge part of the game, while I've seen you try to claim otherwise.

I haven't taken the time to study LM skills, but I know with RKs there are stuns and dazes and they go on seperate tables. Burgs seem to be able to bypass a lot of the DR issues too.
Your reslience sounds broken and study the game and see how far the CC has been changed, what we have today is like having nothing compared to years ago.

Not saying it doesnt work but its used at least for me as a way to interupt someone and yes i use it to get skills off too because let face it Lms are mainly a induction classes period.