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    Update 13 Preliminary Release Notes (P2)– BULLROARER ONLY

    The following release notes are for the Bullroarer public test server only and may not reflect the final list of changes or updates included at release.
    These notes are not final and should be viewed as a work in progress and subject to change.

    Of Special Note

    With today’s Bullroarer release of Update 13: The Breaking of Isengard, we have introduced a replacement for our Pando-enabled client and downloader. We now use a non-peer-to-peer version of the Akamai NetSession client for the LOTRO launcher, and wanted to update you on how we plan to utilize this service in the future.

    The Akamai NetSession client allows us to quickly and reliably deliver fresh LOTRO client installations to you, and assist in the repair of missing or corrupted files in current game installations. The client utilizes Akamai’s large network of edge servers to deliver this content to you from a location which is deemed geographically closest to you, and ensures that we are able to efficiently and effectively get you what you need to play LOTRO.

    Although some versions of the Akamai NetSession client used by other software providers utilize Peer-to-Peer technology, we have decided not to use P2P for LOTRO. What this means is that Akamai NetSession will NOT use peer-to-peer when delivering LOTRO-related content.

    Once you install the LOTRO client, or patch your game to Update 13, it will be possible to uninstall Akamai NetSession from your computer, and NetSession will not reinstall unless it is necessary to deliver a deleted file or a fresh installation. Typical game updates will not require the use of Akamai NetSession.

    Please note: An installer for Bullroarer is not currently available. We expect it to be available at some point next week.

    Balance and Difficulty adjustments
    As part of our efforts to adjust difficulty, we have Removed Primary stat contributions ( might, will and Vitality) from Tactical and Physical Mitigations.

    Little Things…
    Based on player feedback, we have removed the new experimental voice shouts. These will not be making their way to the live servers.

    Release Notes

    • Bullroarer ONLY: Restored confirmation on deleting a stack of items.
    • Bullroarer ONLY: The flawed Symbol of the Elder King is now available at the Eyes and Guard tavern (Special Goods Crate)



    • Set Bonus "Fervour" should now cause Clobber's damage to increase with the amount of Fervour you have built.


    • Tireless Defender should now trigger consistently.
    • Fixed issue with “To The Rescue” not increasing the duration of the Slow Immunity effect when increasing Charge/Brutal Charge's duration.


    • Dry Kindling Trait will no longer apply the second Burning Embers effect 100% of the time when using the Improved Burning Embers skill. Each point spent into the trait is supposed to add to the chance of applying a second Burning Embers effect on the target: 10%, 20%, and 30%.


    • "Steadfast" and "First Aid" no longer require a weapon.

    Monster Play

    • The Mastery Boost Trait was not functioning correctly when all tiers of the trait were active. When all six are equipped, 30% of the time, when using harmful skills, you will be able to use a skill free of power cost.
    • The armour set, Armaments of Precision, 4 piece bonus was not working and has been changed to have a 50% chance to grant +1 Focus every 9 seconds.
    • Power of the First Age effect, granted to players who carry the Artifact, no longer gives a 50% bonus to melee, ranged, and tactical defense. This has been replaced with a bonus to Physical/Tactical mitigation.
    • Fixed issue with the Avoidance trait giving certain mp classes 43000 block rating instead of 4300.
    • Many MonsterPlay class’s melee skills were converted to the new damage types along with many of their damage over time effects.
    • Fixed snares across Monsterplayers so that stronger snares always take higher priority over lesser snares.
    • Creep damage has been slightly bumped to compensate for the increase in defense with new damage types passing through physical mitigations for freeps.
    • The defiler has received some healing boosts and induction reductions.

    Epic Battles, Classic Raids & Instances, Skirmishes

    • The Flawed Symbol of the Elder King has been added as a rare drop to Tier 3 skirmishes and as a very rare drop to classic raid instances. This symbol is used to craft 1st Age legendary gear.

    Glittering Caves

    • Spider Assault - The secondary will now start a bit earlier, allowing for more time to complete it.

    Deeping Wall

    • Grappling hooks should now be destroyed when the wall is destroyed.


    • The maximum level of tasks has been removed. Tasks can now be done up to any level.
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