One of the main hurdles in character progression at the moment is the very grindy and very slow virtue system - especially some of the slayer deeds. My problems are as follows:

a) New players are at a disadvantage to established players - entering PvP with single digit virtues is a setback.
b) Normal progression through areas is disturbed: instead of passing through areas and enjoying the new scenery and story players are expected to delay in slug pits and swamps killing hundreds of the same creature over and over again.
c) Titles picked up through these deeds are meaningless: if slayer deeds were optional titles like 'feather-foe' would be more unique.
d) Goes against the lore; players are expected to 'mass murder' hundreds of humanoid foes - would Lore-masters and burglars have undertaken this activity in the books? I don't think so.
e) The massive time investement expected in a system that is losing relevance because most specialisation is achieved through the skill trees.

Potential solutions:
  • Remove slayer deeds or scale back the number of mobs required to kill.
  • Link virtues with the epic story or have them as a reward for completing large quest arcs. This ties them in with game progression.
  • The above point is already implemented in HD.