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    Great biographies....

    Anyone really gone all out to write a bio for one, or more of your toons?

    I'd really like to read some.

    I have done a few:

    Doombunny: (dwarf with festival rabbit mask)

    Little Rabbit FuFu was hopping through the forrest, picking up the field mice and bopping them on the head. Down came the good faery, and She said, "Mean bunny! today something bad will happen and I hope you learn to treat others with respect."
    Later that day little rabbit FuFu was hopping through the forrest, Out jumped a BIG mean ole bear, and she said, "Little rabbit FuFu, I am curious.... Does poop stick to your fur?"
    "Why, Yes it does." FuFu replied
    And the mean ole bear picked up FuFu by the ears and used him to wipe her butt.
    From behind a tree the good faery giggled.
    FuFu said to himself, You'll pay for that, Fae Beeotch."
    FuFu sought the one creature with the wisdom to help him. Dranoel The Dragon, who made FuFu the biggest, meanest bunny in the land. And FuFu found that faery And bashed her cold, then dragged her by the hair til he found the mean ole bear and beat her to a pulp with the faery, FuFu said, "Does THAT stick to your fur?" Now the faery minds her own business.

    Bunnyballball: (hobbit with Festival Rabbit mask)

    So, there I am, running for my life through the Misty mts with a pack of wolves trying to make me a guest for dinner when I look over and there's the biggest, handsomest, muscularist Jack rabbit I ever saw in my life. He just sorta waves and says, "you know when you run, the way your butt moves is just plain hypmotizing."

    I said, "Are you CRAZY? There's a pack of wolves after me!"

    He says, "Werewolves?"

    I pointed behind him and said, "THERE wolves!"

    He turned just in time to see half a dozen of them all slavering at the mouth and all coming through the bushes.

    Well, he just puffs out his chest and yells this dwarven warcry thing he does and wolves skidded to a halt just close enough for the rabbit to grab one of them and clobber the other 5 with it. They had enough pretty quick and got out of there first chance they got.

    So, this rabbit says, "Their dinner plans just got cancelled. Have dinner with me instead? I got honey roasted carrots and some yams in me warren. By the way, I'm FuFu, but most people call me DOOMbunny."

    Well how could I refuse? I mean he did just save my life and all. So I had dinner with him. And the rest is history.

    Lemme tell ya, He's the only Jack I ever met that was into quality not quickety, And the things he can do with those ears.... Oh, MY!

    Meenole Bayer:(Beorning)

    Yeah, so the Good faery comes to me one day And says, "Hey Ms. Bear, I got a job for you. I'm sure you've seen Little rabbit FuFu hoppin' through the forest, pickin' up the field mice and boppin' 'em on the head. I'd like to teach FuFu a lesson in respecting others and your perfect for the job."

    Now I could give a rodents rectum about the field mice, they actually get on my nerves being so perky and all and FuFu ain't really hurtin' nobody by shuttin' 'em up. But I took the job as I was promised cake. She said there'd be cake. And remembering the trick my grandpappy pulled when I was just a cub, I put the plan in motion. "hey, FuFu. Does poop stick to your fur?"

    Next thing I know, I got Ahnold Schwartzenbunny swinging the faery by the feet and beat me senseless yelling, "Does THAT stick to your fur?" So I asked how he got so buff and he sent me to this dragon and Wah-LA... Now I'm half bear, half woman and ALL bad.

    And I'm still lookin' for that faery.

    She owes me some cake.

    What's your favorites?
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    My Main, Dranoell (Champion) :

    So there I am, in The White City of Minas Tirath. Standing before the throne of the King, talking to the Steward of Gondor, Denethor. Aragorn's seat warmer. I tell him that I am a Champion of the highest level and I have come at the behest of none other than Gandalf the Grey.

    He says he has never heard of me.

    So I regale the stories of my victories over thousands of orcs and goblins and even creatures that would be cramped in his own trone room. I have defended cities, defeated armies and slain the most evil creatures in Middle Earth. I have aided his Son, Borimir And now I have come to help defend his city and his people from the Orc invasion that is coming as we speak.

    "What would you have me do?" I say.

    His reply?

    "Perigren Took's lunch is ready in the kitchens, two rings down. Go and deliver it to him with haste."


    I have been declared a hero in a dozen lands. And Kindred in as many more. Dragons and trolls slink out of my way when they see me coming. Even the Nazgul are hesitant to engage me. I have slain more orcs than you have subjects. I have more titles than you have men in your army. My name alone strikes fear the heart Sarumon. And you would have me fetch a lunch basket for a peck??

    He will not be hungry when the orcs sack your fair city and leave nothing but smoldering ashes.

    I, on the other hand, will be watching from the top of that hill over there, having a small feast in the shade and laughing at you while you burn.

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    I use bios for character description for RP purposes. My dwarf hunter, Grimgri, is very much "what you see is what you get":

    Aye, you look upon a dwarf. You were expecting maybe a dancing bear? Get on with ye.



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