Currently, Lotro allows a player to convert 1 Seal into 2 Medallions. However, Lotro does NOT allow a player (even a VIP player) to convert ANY number of Medallions into a Seal. Why? This is an inconsistent limitation in this game. It also appears that the only way to get Seals is to participate in Raids of 12 players. This restriction makes it very difficult to earn Seals due to the time required to get 12 players signed up and ready for the Raid. For small kins and especially those players not in a kin this restriction is even more frustrating to the players.

Please remove this restriction and allow medallions to be converted to seals. To be consistent, if you can exchange 1 seal for 2 medallions, you should be able to exchange 2 medallions for 1 seal.

Alternatively, please provide a way for players (especially VIP players) in small kins, or single players (not in a kin) to easily join and participate in raids without having to wait for a long time using the Instance Finder.