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    Lightbulb Change Helms Deep loot system

    The farming loot system in Helms deep and some previous content is really sad. The idéa to run a instans 3000 times to be LUCKY to get someting run as reward is boring.

    I require a more skilled based system. Or rewarding for duty system. If I run a instance dailie for 3 weeks I want to be able to barter a reward as the "gold" jewels and such end content. I want to be promoted for defending Helms Deep in battle and not just get loads of usless teal bound items vendor trash.

    Am I sad? Do I cry for getting usless loot? No!! I get really bored and stop playing the game and instead of staying in Middle-Earth and fight along Gamling out there on the Dike I get so bored of farming same instances every day with no reward that I start to play other games.

    I have all full platina medals in the battle for Helms Deep and 216 points spend on my skill three. I have helped Aragorn for a long time and I have indeed found some fun items but am I expected to do the instances again with other players and only be really lucky to complete my sets and maby really lucky to make my outfit complete a week before the next update when they become usless again?

    No, open your mind Turbine please. Let us regular players that like to collect and optimize our main char have a similar system as Seals and Medallions for Helms Deep and other instance clusters that can be bartered to nice end game rewards when coming home to the Hornburg. We do not stay in the game for NOT getting rewards....We want to play the game and complete our collections and armor tweaks and not just farm for random lucky rewards.

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    Without the context an analyst could look at your stats and use them as proof positive that the RNG system keeps players playing. This is not a dig at you btw and grats on having the dedication to do it. I couldn't.

    Rather, I'm using this as an example to those who seem to have blind faith in the metrics.



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