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    Store loading time / performance is bad

    I'm probably not the only one experiencing the very slow speed while browsing through the store.
    It seems that way too much is loaded from the servers, instead of have it cached on the harddrive to increase the performance. At least more art assets.
    Even icons that look exactly the same, are loaded multiple times, one by one. Imho that is not necessary. Same goes for background/textform pictures. Ecspecially these should loaded from the disc by default. I wonder why the shop is designed that way. They just increase the overall loading time, and keep people from enjoying shopping here.

    In general I find the default icon arrangment not practical. I wish I could switch the view by default to just a list without so much pictures and all the design elements. Sadly the shop doesn't save changes atm.
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    The difficulty is that the Lotro Store data is web browser data. The only place the data exists is on the PlaySpan servers. One the reasons that the web store is so slow is that a Turbine's custom web browser is being loaded within the Lotro client software and a secure connection being the web browser and PlaySpan servers. I suspect that to prevent old stale information that is no longer valid from previous queries and sessions. Nothing is cached. That way you always get the current right data. There is always the possibility that a Quarter Master might be updating the Lotro Store while you are using it.

    The other issue may be that PlaySpan and Turbine are not using an server side implementation - hardware and software that is fast as a company like Amazon does. Amazon probably spend billions of dollars getting their system to place it is today. Amazon has the problem of a non captive customer base. People get annoyed with Amazon they go somewhere else to get their product. We do not have that choice.
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    The store is slow and it's only been getting slower.

    So slow that more than once I've stopped TRYING TO SPEND MONEY on this game because I didn't want to put up with the hassle of trying to use something 'interactive' with so much lag.

    Caps is for turbine people who might read this.


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    Tbh the store speed is joke even the ddo store is faster but not by much they really need to take a look at it and sort it out.

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    Try this, the red marked checkbox has to been unchecked:

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    Took me over 10 minutes to buy 1000 TP today, was slow as hell. Turbine, really, you should do something about this. You cant get payed!



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