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    Angry Members of Rendezvous With Destiny always asking for help.

    There are some members of Rendezvous with Destiny, for example Eifat and they always ask for help! They just send random fellowship invites so help them? Ok, asking 1 time for help is ok. But i decline there requests and they don't stop with sending invites! Is there anyone else who had issues?

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    Hello there, my name is wandmand, im an officer of RwD. I thank you for reporting this, i will tell my leader about it and im sure he will take care of the members...When im in Bree, it happens often that lower levels ask for help, but if they ask it again and again it becomes violent. They give our kin a bad name and that is unacceptable! If this happens again, you can always send me a private message...

    Wandmand, Caun.

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    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Not sure posting a thread on the forums was the way to let me know. Also you reference one individual in my kinship, why then did you use the term members of Rendezvous with Destiny? I will deal with the situation. All in my kin know how to be respectful in game, but that being said some stray from time to time.

    Great adventures!
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    *Right Click* -- Ignore. Is the more efficient way of handling issues such as these.
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    That is only a tool for the receiving player being distracted, not a solution.

    Otherwise, nicely done, folks!



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