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    Lost two levels and tp


    My friend also a Lotro-player lost two lvls. The last time he played his highest caracter was 92. Logged as always out, and when he logged in a week later he lost two lvls. He is now 90., He even lost 400 tp.
    He was sparing his tp for helmsdeep.
    Can anyone tell me how this can happen?


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    Two levels are a lot. What happens is that the progress that a player makes with their character is not permanently saved on the database server. Two common causes that often work together for maximum frustration are:

    1) When you log out, the save does not occur.

    2) While playing the game, the periodic save that is supposed to occur every few minutes is not taking place. The process that handles the periodic stopped working.

    If you were playing a single player game on your PC, you could create the same issue by exiting the game without saving. Fortunately, it does not happen often. Every online game has this kind of issue. These games would be unplayable due to performance issues if a save was done too often.

    It might be nice if the server went down - crashed when the periodic save feature stops working or the save on log out no longer works. That way people do not get frustrated because they are playing the game without getting any improvement to their character.

    There is even a term for this situation. It is called a roll back. It can be automatic such as a failure to save your progress on your character. Or could be manual and server wide when the game operator loads a older server state because there is some corruption in the current saved data. There are many other variation beyond these two I have described.
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    Depends on which game I'm in :)
    There are also certain things that will trigger a save to occur, as well as things that will prevent a save from occurring. For example, if you go into an instance, the character is saved when you enter (and I think when you exit) the instance but not while you are in the instance. Logging out of the game should have triggered a character save.

    Do they play on more than one server and have the same character on more than one server? If so did they log into the correct server? Did he transfer the level 90 to Bullroarer and level up on there? If so that would not affect the character on the live server (in that case the one on Bullroarer is still level 92 and the one on live is still 90).
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    Thank u very much for your reply and my friend for bringing this up
    I played and logged off as usual, but the best part was i had to reinstall my pc and thought it might have something to do with that.
    thnx again and im off to regain my lvls and tp for helmsdeep



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