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Eh, no?

That's how it has ALWAYS been, while wargs has had better stealth detection for years, burgs have it now. How you approach the burg and how he approach you will determine if you get spotted or not and that's usually quite random.

Current Terminator state of burgs, they're not God mode. They do nice damage, but vs a warg in Shadow, they're squishy(10s KO only thing that can stop it, somewhat). That is the truth.

I'm sorry, track? There are NO tracks on freepside as it is now.(Store doesn't count). Stealth DETECTION and track is completely different.

Stray tracks, just to see if you're in the area? Pretty sure most people who know how to track will attack you witin the 10 seconds it takes you to restealth. Oh, he hipsed, no problemo, you can still track HIPS'ed targets.

First problem with your opinion is that - this shouldnt be payback game - ''they had it for years, we must have it now''. Thats why Craptains, Guardians and Burgs are god mode, or super-duper strong in hands of newbies. If something is wrong, you dont go right to the other end, but fix it as you should.

Im sorry but imho you cant be more wrong about current state of burgs. Versus any kind of warg, if you loose 1vs1 you should question your skill or gear.

Freep side is getting their primary tracking class back on track. hunters will spam track everything with 30 sec cd (?), *like i mentioned in opening post*, and there so this detection stealth level 20 needs to go away. There is no more dice rolling when you are near each other. Its 15m away burg saying "HA! There you are!".

"No problemo'' double hips?