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    Mar 2012
    Midwest, USA

    LF Active Kinship

    After having to deal with "server full" issues on Evernight 3 times in the last month, I've decided
    to come back to Arkenstone. None of my characters are very high level right now, though I have
    enough qps/expansions to level to 95 with relatively little trouble. Of the twelve character slots
    I have, I'll be leveling a combination of wardens, champions, guardians, and minstrels with a lore-
    master, hunter, and rune-keeper thrown in there.

    I'm also active mostly from 11am - 5pm and then from 9pm to 2:30am Central time.

    Any decent sized (more than just 1-2 active players) kins recruiting? I'd like to start doing BBs
    and instances once I get a higher level character on the server. I'm willing to level a specific
    class if it's needed/wanted (and in my list of things to play.. ie I have no desire to level a
    burglar). Can't promise any quick results, though if I set my mind to it I can level decently quickly,
    barring any interruptions from my wife, son, pets, etc.

    I'm on the forums almost daily, though I have a horrible tendency of forgetting to check PMs,
    so if you send me one, either let me know that you sent one or be patient with me.

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    May 2007
    Sugar Land,Texas
    Really?? no one responded?? Join the The Meaning of Haste sir/maam. We are probably the oldest kin on this server. Been hanging around since launch...gahdam...thats almost 7 years.

    Anyway...if you like old folks, young folks, some dumb folks, hairy folks, bald folks, and asians...yes we have some asians...yes we make racist jokes about them...then please send me or any of my kinnies a tell.

    We will accept you in a heart beat and hope that you bring some flavor

    Disclaimer: We only make fun of Ken and Chen...our resident asians...who have disappeared...so the asian jokes are few and far away.....(I miss those days)



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