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The bottom line is, no one - not even the devs - knows what the housing updates will end up being. But if HoarseDev says they're prototyping a new system I believe him. If he says they are considering multiple houses, Rohan houses, etc. I believe him. Nothing any player says, regardless of how emphatic and well-crafted their opinions are, will trump that for me. For me that's the final word.
No one is disputing that, what they are saying is the people who think that the housing changes are going to be substantial and a massive overhaul are going to be disappointed, it is going to be a few tweaks here and there maybe some Rohan houses maybe not. Even the CM has made moves to try and curb peoples radical ideas on what is coming. I have seen people say they are looking forward to bigger houses, with more rooms, the ability to add rooms all sorts of wild and wonderful thoughts, and inevitably they will be upset when those things do not arrive and will take to the forums to express that, It may be wise for turbine to explain exactly what they are currently working on and what their ideas are in their entirety, to stop that now. After all you cant tell me that a housing update that is due in the next 7 months(and was being developed for all of last year) isnt substantially down the development path by now and the devs dont have some solid info to pass on.