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    Best boss fight in LoTRO history?

    With raiding being retired in LoTRO it seems safe to now reminisce about the "good ole days". So here's a question: What was the best boss fight in LoTRO history, and why?

    I'm voting Orthanc: Shadow T2C (Bukot). I really think this was J-dubs crowing achievement.

    1. There was no single definitive way to do it.
    2. There weren't any opaque or near impossible to decipher mechanics.
    3. It required some movement, but positioning was hugely important.
    4. There was never a time when someone said: "We don't need Class X for this fight" because a well balanced mix of ranged and melee DPS, CC and debuffing, tanking and heals were all required. You couldn't just Burg-zerg it, or just range it from safety.
    5. Unlike some fights which really just test one thing- Bukot tested tanking, healing, DPS and support more equally than any other fight.

    What do you think the best designed fight was?
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    I fully agree with Bukot T2C being the best fight in the game, with the additional points:

    6. Rather short fight (<5 minutes for Challenge) with good action throughout. Beats fights like Saruman and Gortheron with low action first 10-20 minutes followed by a steep bump in difficulty, as those first 10-20 minutes become very boring over time, especially on wipes.
    7. Low amount of randomness. This fight have a mechanic (root) applied to a random area/player to ensure some randomness without making completion of the fight a matter of luck.
    8. Mechanics are fairly immune to high DPS. Unlike many other bosses, you can't really zerg Bukot and avoid mechanics that way - on the other hand zerging the boss can overwhelm you with adds.

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    Have to agree that Shadow t2c is the best boss fight in game, though I also like Fear t2c from original Ost Dunhoth.
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    Fan of both Bukot (I HAS A BUKOT) and the Balrog, like Mere. Drugoth T2HM is also fun. Did that recently with my hunter and 5 captains XD

    The WORST boss fight is Ferndur in Lost Temple... fight deliberately designed to be as long and annoying as possible.
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    While Shadow T2C is certainly good because it required efficiency, that's really the bulk of its appeal. Sure, it could be done quickly--but who wants their fun over quickly? I certainly want the boring fights over quickly, though, that's for sure.

    Since this is a video game, I prefer fights that are actually fun *and* challenging. Thrang. Thaurlach. Thorog. The Blind One. The Lieutenant. (anything that starts with "Th", apparently )

    I think overall, it would have to be Thaurlach. Cool story, a great lead-up fight in Thrang, movement, positioning, splitting into smaller groups (the strategy involved in doing so was a ton of fun), actual rewards for completion, the ability to be successful even without 12 totally hardcore 100% efficient people...raiding didn't feel like work back then. It was more inclusive and social.

    For many many reasons, they'll never top that fight. Though after all these years, whenever I start randomly thinking about LOTRO, I always mouth the word "Thrang". Maybe it's just a cool word. Or maybe we spent so long working out strategies for that fight (only time I've ever fought a boss with a pitchfork) that it's permanently imprinted on my brain.
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    In general, Tower of Orthanc and Ost Dunhoth were lots of fun, but I think the mammoths fight in the wound wing of Ost Dunhoth was my favorite.
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    ToO (the best raid, in my opinion): Shadow T2C was great for sure. Saruman T2C also the last phase. I think the Fire & Ice T2C had a huge potential to become my all time favorite too, but unfortunately it was not really possible to do it as intended (no dps zerg) when cap was 75.
    OD: I really liked the Challenge Mode of the Wound-Wing.
    Erebor: Flight T2C, the lag was terrible but it took us so many hours of figuring out the mechanics - like solving a puzzle. That's why I liked it.
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    I'm still a fan of the classics: Thrang, Thaurlach, original Helchgam on level (probably because someone always fell into the water), original Hele Thorog (the original raid to be aware of your poisons and move away or hope someone cured you before you wiped everyone around you - all before BuffBars was available).

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    For me, it broke down like this:

    FOR SHEER FUN: Rift/Thaurlach and Vile Maw/Watcher (both 1.0 and 2.0).

    FOR THE PUZZLE: OD/Disease (the colours of sap!), OD/Poison (the cursed platforms) and DN/Trolls (shared aggro/damage+)

    FOR GROUP EFFORT: OD/Fear, TOO/Saruman, TOO/Fire+Frost, Rift/Thaurlach and Hele/Thorog

    I've never had more fun in any online game than when we used to run the Rift and then VM. I think it's because I wasn't (yet) in hardcore raiding kins, and the game didn't (yet) require hardcore raiding kins for success at the highest challenge level. Things were hard, yes, we ran Rift over and over and over--many times--before we finally beat it for the first time, but it was hard for a bunch of people who were laughing and joking and (a few) getting drunk. It wasn't Everyone-shup-and-get-serious-it-is-now-raid-time hard, that came later.

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    I always say Shadow T2c and get called a fool in GLFF, glad to see all the smart people are here in the forums! This fight had absolutely every element that can be found in lotro, without a hard requirement to do it in a particular way, or class makeup (beyond the general need for ranged dps). I will admit the fight lost a bit of luster when everyone was decked out in 1st agers and perfect builds though.

    My other top choices are OD fear and the Lieutenant in BG.

    On a personal nostalgia level Lightning wing in ToO always brings a smile to my face. There was a good 2 week period on Nimrodel (from when our kin got server first for T2c) where no one knew that if everyone was at max melee range the static buildup on the tank could release without hitting the group, and for that brief period I was the only one who could time running out of range of the group, blow up, and get back in time to prevent the boss from moving and forcing everyone to stand on the electric floor early.
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    Gortheron T2C and Saruman T2C were both pretty epic final bosses, due to the sheer amount of things happening.

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    Have to disagree about Saruman T2C. That fight was a complete snoozefest until the last stage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorcar View Post
    Have to disagree about Saruman T2C. That fight was a complete snoozefest until the last stage.
    Indeed - the first 3 stages are fine the first couple of times you try out the fight, but after that they become quite dull and repetitive. I find the same to be true for Shire, ND and Trollshaws stages of the Gortheron fight - and the OD revamp made Gortheron fight waaaay too easy.

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    I enjoyed the lengthier fights, and thought they served as a fun capstone making use of a variety of mechanics seen earlier in the raid. They did indeed get old a little quicker after repeated runs, and perhaps could have done with one of the simpler stages removed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spelunker View Post
    I always say Shadow T2c and get called a fool in GLFF
    Just because I have a true fondness of ToO (only good raid I had the honor to experience since I joined the game late) I will take this chance to remind you that this is the list of the only kins worldwide to complete ToO Shadow @ 75 cap so, I figured the high majority of people calling you a fool have never had the chance to appreciate it and what fools they are!

    TIER 2 [C]:


    *Krieger des Lichts - [DE]Morthond
    *Legion der Freunde [DE-RP] Belegaer
    *Soldurii - [DE]Vanyar
    *House of Elders - Gladden
    *Ascension - [EN]Evernight
    *Off Peak - Elendilmir
    *De Leude von de Boose - [DE]Morthond
    *Defenders of Might - [EN]Meneldor
    *Vanguard - Elendilmir
    *Nedh Anwar - [Maiar]
    *Noldor - Arkenstone
    *Endeavor - Elendilmir
    *The Illuminati - Eldar
    *Ramble On - Elendilmir
    *Riddles in the Dark - [EN]Snowbourn
    *Erznemessis - Morthond
    *The Righteous - [EN]Windfola
    *Element Zero - Snowbourn
    *Sturmbringer Rhovanions - [DE]Morthond
    *Die Verschollenen Kapitel - [DE-RP] Belegaer
    *Apex - Elendilmir
    *Schwarze Garde - [DE]Vanyar
    *Avorthalier - Anduin
    *Divide Et Impera - [DE]Vanyar
    *Innocent - Laurelin
    *Asylum - Crickhollow
    *The Mellowship - Eldar
    *Fair An Gwanna - Maiar
    *Antithesis - Windfola
    *Strength and Honor - Landroval
    *Balrog Raid Alliance - Crickhollow
    *Conviction - [EN]Evernight
    *Unquale - [FR]Sirannon
    *Amlug Herth - [DE]Morthond
    *Rhunen Rendir - Silverlode
    *Shock and Awe - Brandywine
    *Paprotniki - Snowbourn
    *Entropy - Brandywine
    *Beleaffen - [DE-RP]Belegaer
    *Reforged - Dwarrowdelf
    *Mixed Raid Alliance - Vanyar

    Quote Originally Posted by Ultiheart View Post

    PS: I agree that T2C Shadow was -overall- the best -- heck even the mob pulls were fun now that I look back.

    Lightning Wing was aesthetically awesome, laserbeams on dark floors and pikachu thundershocks.

    Fire & Frost had so much potential if only the Turbine servers could handle the spawns that their own raid gave - amirite?

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    ToO Shadow T2C without a doubt.

    However I more enjoyed the race to server firsts which consisted of lots of yelling, analysing, graph drawing, spreadsheet creating, late nights and teamwork. Good times.
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    Agreed, Shadow t2c was my favorite, but I also really enjoyed all the wings in OD
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    A few honorable mentions...

    Fangorn's Edge. Absolute mayhem with orcs everywhere, and using the NPC ents as your "tank" made an interesting change.

    Ferndur in Lost Temple. You really had to think about where you were going to plant your next eye in challenge mode. Took me a zillion tries but a real sense of accomplishment when I got it.

    Mistress in Dar Nubugud. Atmospherically a real sense of the ultimate evil, putting an end to the whole globsnaga deal. Plus as an LM it was fun to get to blow up spores with Herb Lore. Boom! DN as a whole was clearly designed with LMs in mind (sometimes hosing us, sometimes requiring us) so I do have a soft spot for it.

    Fear wing in OD. Not only a cool boss, but one time we ended up hitting our 6th death triggering his auto-wipe when he was down to ~10k. Much howling of frustration, but our fast-thinking cappy hit Last Stand and managed to solo him down before it ran out. THAT was fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gottapee View Post
    Just because I have a true fondness of ToO (only good raid I had the honor to experience since I joined the game late) I will take this chance to remind you that this is the list of the only kins worldwide to complete ToO Shadow @ 75 cap so, I figured the high majority of people calling you a fool have never had the chance to appreciate it and what fools they are!
    I think that's part of the nostalgia--being able to do it and brag about it. The fight itself was really nothing special. It was just doing a lot of ho-hum things really efficiently. That's part of what makes a good boss, sure, but it really had nothing else for me. Target switching and DPS. Meh. I did it with two groups--one that was successful, and one that was getting really close near launch of RoR. At no point did I even think "Hey, this is a really great fight."

    Acid T2C was the one fight in ToO that I thought was a lot of fun. But that's because our group didn't do the DPS zerg method.

    Overall, I'd rank ToO fourth, behind the Rift, OD, and DN. For people who played the Rift at level, it's going to be tough to convince them anything comes close. Beside the fact that there was fun, difficulty, strategy, it also had a much more epic feeling. And a lot of solidarity in the raiding community at that point in the game--we didn't have hundreds of hardcore people beating it in Beta then getting a rush on server firsts--we were all in the same boat of knowing jack squat in October '07, loading up on consumables and running to some strange place on the edge of the map on our 2k-morale minis. It was so inclusive that the most casual kins had raid groups, but it was hard enough that you had to talk shop with other raiders for tips on Thrang and Thaurlach. The first group to beat it legitimately on our server was a kin so tiny it needed to PUG a couple.

    So Rift benefits from being one of the best *times* in game, but it's hard to separate the "fun" aspect when you're trying to rate a video game. Would OD have been as fun as the Rift if it had been released at the 50 cap? Probably. ToO? Not so much. The mechanics were lacking, even if they did find a way to fine-tune so that you had to have top skill and top gear and top discipline to be successful.
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    It's not as hugely epic as any raid, but I always enjoyed the final ring forge room in foundry. It was a great boss fight for people to cut their teeth on when it came to introducing new people to somewhat difficult group content. People had to pay attention, do their jobs, watch out for an the eye, stay ahead of the flames, and whoever was tanking had to pay attention too. It was quite entertaining watching new hunters react to the fact that they had to pay attention and move around a lot instead of just standing in one spot the whole fight while the tank did all the work.

    The worst boss fight I think is Battle for Erebor. Talk about a snooze fest. Maybe the tanks were slightly entertained, but if you were ranged DPS you just stood there the whole time button mashing and moving 5 meters to the side if there was a catapult or try not to fall asleep while watching the moral % stay within about 1.

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    Blind-One hardmode.

    As far as I'm aware, only two kinships did it on-level (Preying Mantis and The Mellowship). We (Preying Mantis) did it again just before the level cap increased to 65, and at that time, nobody else besides PM and The Mellowship had claimed a kill on either the US or Codemaster forums.

    (original thread: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...ode-Completed-)

    This was because, first, it was fairly difficult (for LotRO, anyway...comparable, perhaps, to an entry-level WoW heroic boss or normal-mode endboss), and second, because there was no additional loot, or any deed, title or other reward other than bragging rights for doing it.

    To unlock it, you had to kill the first boss in DN, then go straight to the Blind One without killing any of the three orc bosses. The Blind One then gained a number of those bosses' powers, in addition to his normal ones. People were posting gratz threads to themselves for downing it at Level 65...

    There was even unique voice-over specifically for this mode of the fight.
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    I like mostly the Raids that focus on a good tactical work.
    So on my most liked List is Thaurlach of the Rift on the Top.

    Thaurlach of the Rift
    The Rift get for me a special Bonus, because i had well memories about a Group that want to try it. We did not defeat Thaurlach, but had a good Weekend to manage all other Bosses. The atmosphere was very well, even with the huge amount of wipes. Myself get bankrupt in this Raidweekend. I think i had to spend about 2,5 GM on repaircost. BUT that were other times as now.

    As i read you Posts i think i have to recall the next 3 other Highlight in my Memeory.

    The Blind One of Dar Narbugud
    Do all have weapon do some named kind of damage?
    Keep distance!
    Do not fall in that Hole!
    Are very fixed in my Memeory.
    Even myself had +something against Acient Evil on my Weapon the first time :-)

    I Like the whole Dar Narbugud Raid, even if is so colourfull. This alienate setting let it feel special. Damage stop, paying attention and concentration was required by all.

    Thrang of the Rift (Lavaroom)
    Have a look on everything :-)

    The Lieutenant of Barad Guldur
    (I know, that he is outgamed now)
    As i meet him in the first time. I was inspired. The Sound of the Fellbeasts Wings thunders through my Room, as he fly around us while we were fighting the Armours. When we could see him at the Sky... Then we engaged him and his beast at the point.

    The Worst was the long way one Bard has to run for the next fight. But so the Scrolls and the Token were Ready :-)
    The Dayhike in the Rift was even more bad :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bastiat1 View Post
    With raiding being retired in LoTRO it seems safe to now reminisce about the "good ole days". So here's a question: What was the best boss fight in LoTRO history, and why?
    Not just raiding but anything other than Epic Battles from what I've heard as far as the retiring thing (3/6mans). And that is the content I had the most fun in.
    Helcham in Carn Dum. It was crazy with the falling pillars and people fell into the green #### all the time. Urugarth the fight with the bazillion mobs. Even at level cap was tough to survive with the stuns and spread of the mobs. (not sure if it was intended to be done the way I did it lol).

    Later on I liked foundry but the instance (even though it was horribly bugged) I really liked was Draig. It actually gave my burg a purpose after being deemed useless for a long time. I liked tanking it as well. Lots of movement.

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    I still love OD Boss fights as my #1 favs in raids. Durin's Bane fight on Shadow t2c gave the chills at the first time I did it.

    For instances, I used to love Sari-surma's Osan and Sammath Gûl's Gorothul fights before they were scaled and the challenges changed
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    If i was going to name any particular boss fight it would have to be Thrang (Rift)

    Carn Dum and The Rift back in SoA for best raid instances.


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