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    About XP Disabling

    I bought several XP disablers when they came out in the store for more than a few of my characters. The price was absurd, but the benefits while leveling were so direly needed that I felt no choice.

    I think that Turbine should do away with the XP disablers as they currently appear, and introduce a toggle skill that has the effect of disabling XP/leveling. It would be the exact same as the Stone of the Tortoise, but would simply be a toggle skill.

    This toggle skill would be the same price (495 TP) or 2,495 TP for an account wide unlock for all characters you have and those you will create.

    Or make the XP disablers account-bound even once they are equipped similar to the Universal Toolkits.......

    Just my two cents that hopefully have sense.
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    There were many and long pleas to Turbine to give us the Disabler . . . and some design attempts that proved less than satisfactory . . . before we got the Stone of the Tortoise.

    Many (most) users of the disabler will agree with you. And, indeed, it is what we originally asked for.

    But . . . after many and long and bloody battles . . . this is what we have. And it is quite good when compared to the alternatives. I doubt Turbine will be making any changes.
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    Count me as one of the users of the Stone of the Tortoise that agrees with you. While I do not believe they will revisit this; I also believe they should. You see, while I want to give up the experience for a while, I really don't want to give up the item slot to do it (but, of course, with the current implementation, I have to).

    My intention for disabling experience is to experience zones at or near on-level. Putting this function onto an item in a normal item slot means that I cannot use items in that slot that I find -- they become vendor trash, no matter how good*. At the levels I started using the things it wasn't a big deal, but I remember finding a few nice pieces on my main that I will not be able to use effectively on these alts. Pity.

    Also, my recollection is that there were a couple of pocket items in Enedwaith that were part of two item sets. Those sets will not be usable (as sets, of course) for most of my time there when these alts reach that point.

    Still, the Stone of the Tortoise is better than nothing and I've bought one for most (but not all) of my alts.

    *yeah, I keep one around in the vault for when I decide to level up to go to the next zone, but this is comparatively little usage. In particular, when a friend an I were duoing Helms Deep instances at level 20, we both got a decent (for the level) pocket item that we couldn't use due to the Stone. He vendored his and I vaulted mine.

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    Sadly, I think what we have is the best we can hope for. The previous idea floated by Turbine was a consumable scroll that would halt XP for a set amount of time, similar to other buffs purchased from the store.

    At this point in the game, post f2p, not very much is going to be added unless it will turn a direct profit. WB can't put a number value on customer satisfaction, but they can see that X number of Stones of the Tortoise have been sold.

    Luckily, the other goal seems to be to make the game so easy that you can be successful wearing no gear at all, so missing out on a pocket item isn't at all noticeable.
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    I wouldn't mind paying more TP for a Stone of the Tortoise if I could use it account wide. As it is, I have one for each of my 7 characters, all bought whenever they went on sale, so I'm not complaining too much because I'm glad we have something. At the same time though, it would be nice to have it automatically on any character as a toggle skill.

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