Greetings Firefoot! I am joining this thread because I too am returning after being gone for over a year. I want to reimurse myself into the game, so I plan on starting over from scratch. Since I don't know anyone in game now, I'm free to join any server available. I know a lot of people say Brandywine has the largest population for the US, but that seems like a double edge sword. More people around to do stuff with, but a lot of competition when questing.

I have two questions:

1) If I come back to Firefoot, can anyone recommend a good kinship with a large enough population (I'm usually online in the evenings on the west coast) that I can quest with?
2) Secondly, can anyone tell me a good reason to come back to Firefoot over Brandywine?

Thank you all for your input! Looking forward to coming back.