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Thread: Mac Lag

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    Mac Lag

    Recently, playing LOTRO on my mac has been a bit of a pain. Of course, certain things slowed it down before, such as opening my map. However, now completing quests, calling my war-steed, and other things also spike the lag. Also, when loading instances and the game itself, the loading takes longer than it used too. Quite possibly unrelated, on my way to Snowbourne, my screen blacked out, all except for the HUD and such. This happened 2-3 times. I don't think this should be happening, especially with me running this as low as I can possibly set the graphics. Here's the hardware information:

    iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2012)
    iMac - model: iMac13,1
    1 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 CPU: 4 cores
    8 GB RAM

    I would appreciate it if anyone could help me, especially in a way where I can enjoy high graphics!


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    What kind of storage is on that Mac?
    Since I put an SSD on this Mac Pro everything files.
    For example playing rift on bootcamp the main city was unplayable now it works great.
    In lotro porting, maps etc is instant.
    You do get a slight choppiness but it is slight.

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    As it turns out, my brother can run the game at ultra high graphics with minimal lag on the SAME computer... so, as he is in the Lone-Lands/Rivendell and I am in Rohan, is Rohan just highly laggy?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Garethald View Post
    As it turns out, my brother can run the game at ultra high graphics with minimal lag on the SAME computer... so, as he is in the Lone-Lands/Rivendell and I am in Rohan, is Rohan just highly laggy?
    In a word -- Yes!

    Long explanation -- With Riders of Rohan (Update 8), Turbine began utilizing a "new" higher resolution Graphics environment -- including the fact of the Mac Client.
    The Mac Client uses OpenGL -- the PC Client uses DX.
    This new graphics technology was limited to East Rohan until the "Bree Update" (Update 9 as I recall). With that update, BREE was re-done using this new graphics technology.

    With Update 13, these major revisions (including graphics updates) are being applied to the Lone Lands and Misty Mountains.

    Making the explanation even longer. LOTRO utilizes a graphics mechanism called "Land Blocks." These are blocks of graphics data which reside on YOUR HARD DISK.
    (That 20gig!!)
    Land Blocks are "tiny" -- i.e. when in Mounted Combat, you can ride from one side to another in "seconds." Each time you cross a land block boundary your system does I/O.
    All disk I/O is SLOW when compared to memory to memory transfers.

    The "graphics levels" are a "red-herring" -- All Macs have "graphics capabilities" which exceed those needed or used by LOTRO.
    "Graphics capabilities" have to do with the number of polygons, etc., which are displayed on your screen -- they have NOTHING to do with things like "lag."
    The reason why lowering your graphics settings makes a difference is I/O -- getting the data from your disk to your graphics chips.
    All Macs are notorious for having "slow" disks. Macs are "Hardware Systems" designed to generate "balanced performance." They are NOT "maximized," they are "optimized." All of this leads into REALLY esoteric hardware discussions...
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    Same situation on my Mac mini; completing quests; entering certain areas, etc... Most of the things you mentioned.

    Also noticed lag in the moors, even though I was just in a 6 man group; not sure if that was from the same issue...
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