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    Master overlord Ittybitty...

    Oh wait, Just kidding..Chieftain Ittybitty!!
    Congrats to one of our oldest reavers on the server, a much deserving rank to a hard working individual.
    May the journey to rank 13 be just as long and grueling as this one..if not moreso.
    Maybe you'll still play after you rank this time, eh?

    round of applause..many hugs..so on and so forth.


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    Sep 2010
    Behind you

    /need moar ponies!

    Burzan aka Trompok(BW) - R14 Reaver
    Looks like meat's back on the menu boys!

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    Sep 2013
    Congrats Itty...your short stay on Brandy must have contributed loads! Enjoy the bunny ears bud

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    Well done, took you long enough, heh

    Lotro PVP Videos l Thorfinn || r14 champ, r12 burglar- Crickhollow || r11//r9 warg Crick//Elendilmir || + other stuff

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    Congratulations Itty! Quite arguably the best reaver on the server. I can't think of anyone who earned it more. A 33k infamy day? Amazing.

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    Aug 2013
    Grats Itty,well deserved.

    Onwards to 13
    R12 spider Gosmith,R12 guard Gosmithh

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    Thanks everyone! I'm certainly not the fastest person alive when it comes to ranking.

    Quote Originally Posted by Moors-Battlemaster View Post
    Congrats Itty...your short stay on Brandy must have contributed loads! Enjoy the bunny ears bud
    And this is one name I didn't expect to see Evil! I had a blast the half year I played there, the amount of action, the amazing leaders like yourself, and the sheer amount of good players there that challenged me to take a step back and ask the question everyone eventually asks when they don't understand how good a person really is, "w.t.f."

    Sadly I couldn't convince more people that I play with nearly everyday to join the fun so I made my way back over here because it wouldn't be the same game without them, otherwise there's not a doubt in my mind that I'd stay on Brandy and continue to have those massive Rx2 v Rx2 fights.
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    Congratz itty! Race you to 13
    Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity

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    Dec 2010
    grats :-)

    see you soon in moors
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    grats bud. tell vic i said hey

    I blame Form.

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    Congrats Itty!



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