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    Lightbulb Hytbold Furniture Must Be Changed

    SUMMARY: Change Hytbold-exclusive furniture items (bookcases, bureaus, credenzas, cupboards, bookcases, and dressers) FROM “Large Furniture” to “Large Wall” decoration items.

    WHY: To satisfy the precedent set by previous decoration items that serve as bookcases, dressers, cupboards, etc. (Most if not all of the pre-Riders of Rohan decoration items of these types were Large Wall) Also using in-real-life logic, no one puts a dresser, cupboard, or a bookcase anywhere except directly in front of a wall.

    WHO: I believe this would benefit all players who would like to see housing become aesthetically useful at the minimum and also serve to remind players that Turbine actually does care about making little changes to add quality to player experience.

    On the date of (Riders of Rohan release date), the Hytbold dailies were added to Lord of the Rings Online as part of the Riders of Rohan expansion. These dailies, for those not familiar with this aspect of the game, involved the rebuilding of the ruined town of Hytbold in the Eastemnet of Rohan over a long period of time in order to restore the town to its former glory.

    The rewards for the activity were gated by which parts of the town you rebuilt. But after rebuilding certain parts of the town, you could exchange Hytbold tokens (you can earn up to 25 per day, more with Mithril Coins) for rebuilding more of the town, housing furniture, or level 85 entry level grouping gear. Another secondary reward was the ability to run special instances located in Hytbold to garner crafting materials (much like the Iron Garrison Resource Dungeons).

    The purpose of this suggestion is concerning the Hytbold housing furniture. I remember when Riders of Rohan was released and I looked up the pictures online of the new decorations and found myself beyond excited. I had been playing for some time and had always been bored the often bland decoration options we had as players to spice up the visuals inside our player-owned personal and kinship houses. I thought to myself, “I can’t wait to be able to do Hytbold!!!”

    I find myself in a frustrating position eighteen months later. I have finally realized that the cupboards, dressers, bookcases, credenzas, and bureaus that you can barter for in Hytbold are placed in “Large Furniture” hooks. Previously, items of that nature were places in “Large Wall” hooks. I ask you to think of this logically. In real life, would you (developers and players alike) put a dresser in the middle of a room? What about a bookcase? A cupboard? So why on Middle-earth, eighteen months later are these still large furniture items?

    Some may ask why I am worried about such a “minor flaw” in a much maligned housing system when there are more important issues to be dealt with in said system. I don’t intend for this to take away from the larger picture. Housing needs a total revamp yes. But too often we get carried away with the bigger picture and we do not see these small, yet still important issues and therefore we completely miss them. This suggestion can either be a part of the housing revamp or it can be a standalone fix. Either way, this will add some level of quality back into the game experience of those who value the housing system for immersive roleplay or those who simply enjoy the hobby of making a neat house.

    The whole reason this is even an issue is because Turbine overlooked this, in the midst of an expansion. Eighteen months (or more if you count the time Riders of Rohan was in beta) later, it is time for this issue to be fixed.
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    the issue with some hybolt furniture using Large furniture and not large wall has been brought up and buged a few times.

    I dont know about anyone else but my books shelves are against a wall and not in the middle of a floor. The only places ive seen shelves in the middle of a floor is a store, library or museum and other simular places. Never seen any shelves in the middle of a floor in someones house.

    I hope they do fix it because i would love to use some of the items in my bree house.
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    Bumped...and signed....

    Such a simple fix....turbine are working on a skeleton staff right now or really simply just stopped caring.
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    I too agree strongly with the OP. It's been about 18 months and these decorations should have been fixed already. The chandeliers from Hytbold have had their sizes modified twice...but the rest of furniture has been ignored.

    Although there are several posts on the forums regarding this already, maybe having one more means the bug has more visibility and greater chance to be corrected

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    "Also using in-real-life logic, no one puts a dresser, cupboard, or a bookcase anywhere except directly in front of a wall."
    I have.. and will.

    Places Shelf and entertainment center in center of room..

    b |
    e |
    d |

    Now my Bed and Couch and TV are in separate spaces! yays!!!

    This could be cause I'm from Japan(small rooms and need to make best of a small apartments....), and when I moved to states to studio apartment, my parents used Shelfs and other thing to split a large room up. And I did so also.
    Hell I do it now in my house.. Thou 2 shelfs don't touch a wall. Its adds that library feel I guess to my books and mangas...

    The Large floor placing of these Objects sucks so badly... you can't do what I do in real life with them. Making the need for large wall placments needed. lol.

    Then again, house updates coming.. one day. Might change all this anyway.
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    bumped and signed.

    please please please...if you are going to push housing to the backburner AGAIN, at least have the decency to fix what housing stuff you have already given us. The rohan furniture is so beautiful, and completely useless the way it currently is.



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