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Thread: LOTRO new class

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsix66 View Post
    Actually, I think the new class will a strange chemical reaction between two current classes, the Lore Master and the Warden.

    Introducing . . . . [trumpet fanfares] . . . .

    The Lore Warden, the primary function of which will be to eradicate all Rune Keepers from Middle-earth.
    great, so thats the last role the champ had gone then

    *thats a nod to the legendary champ thread that pops back up in all its glory from time to time

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    the devs have state numerous times they try to follow the book lore. Which means getting approval from the right folks for new additions or changes. with that in mind we have the following classes.

    Lore - master
    Rune - Keeper

    Then go thru the book compare which characters in the book fit which current category of class. The remaining characters in the book that do not fit in 1 of the categories is a possible for what the new class is.

    Im personally hoping i can walk thru bree as an Ent !


    should be interesting to see the new class and if it follows the lore or not.

    perhaps the new class with be the "Thane" class. playable by man race only, with the following skills:

    HELP ME skill : this skill allows you to get others to do your work for you so that you can spend all your time doing other things such as drinking, eating or depressing everyone around you.

    Booze Hound : this skill allows you to consume mass amounts of alcohol just before combat so that you blindly charge at your enemy with no fear. using this skill reduces critical chance but increases your base damage.

    Lost Hope skill: this skill allows you to easily boast of sad events over and over again thus reducing the hope of anyone within a 40 meter radius of succeeding, *Note, this skill will cause allies to have reduced skills while giving the enemies a boost in skills.

    ***Public Safety Reminder: When Driving, Please do not use your cell phones to call or text. If something is that important pull over to the side of the road and stop the vehicle, then return to driving when done. Also as an additional reminder, please do not drink and drive when out celebrating.***

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    yeah, dunno.

    i'd definitely much rather they used the books for inspiration rather than [say] drawing on RPG archetypes such as, er, 'cleric', 'monk', & whatnot.

    nothing immediately springs to my mind.


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