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Thread: Thanks for U13

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    Thanks for U13

    While there are things I dont like, there are other things I LOVE.

    Love: The ettenpass, its pricing ; The up-scaling moors characters. ; The cute little Huorn!
    Dislike: Tying Trait points to Epic Battles, Lack of Onramp for v3.b14

    I want to thank the Player's council for whatever role they may have had, and the developers and QA who put in the work to bring it to us.

    It would be cool if you could share some of what the PC contributed to for U13 as this is likely the first opportunity they've been involved in advance enough to have a significant impact. It would provide the opportunity to bolster confidence in the focus group going into the applications for 2014.
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    agreed, U13 is a comprehensive update that enhances gameplay, creates more options for new players, and rewards people in new ways. excellent so far.
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    Yep, Well done! That's need everytime! Revamped old zones, revamped systems, new rewards, and new zone/quests/rewards for high lvl players. (Just please, if you can, revamp the musics too and the maps, just like at Bree)
    Update 13 is a real update for the game! Thanks for it and can't wait for see it in live .



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