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    Congratulations Captain-General Denograth!

    It was great being with you when you hit R15! We'll never know exactly who died for the honor (sadly, it wasn't RankOnMeDeno), but it was a good fight in TA.


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    Congrats Denograth on rank 15 way to go man.

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    Congratz, CG Deno!
    Vilya: Healadder (defiler, R10), Kommisar (stalker, R7).
    Snowbourn: Superserial (warleader, R8), Steelstack (reaver, R6).
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    Congratulations Denograth!

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    I remember, the first time I ever came to these forums, my very first post on LOTRO was in defense of Deno, the first hunter to hit rank 9 (or maybe 8?). Trolls were trolling and I wanted to defend the guy that always seemed so chill back when all the other "high ranks" didn't have time for a scrub like me.

    Congrats old man, keep on doing what you do.

    Team Red.
    Phrasing! Doesn't anybody do phrasing anymore?

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    Red face :0

    Congrats best friend.

    Proof of best friends, not dead! ? (bad picture)

    Dushuak Rank: 12 Galathia Rank: 6 Salloe Rank: 7 Ramaros Rank: 6 Amoris: Rank 6

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    YAY! Gratz hun!

    Its always been a pleasure playing with you in the moors no matter what side I am playing. I am sorry I missed it and that I've not been around for awhile again. Soon maybe! What a great accomplishment. WTG for hanging in there through the endless grind in the beginning to the tons of points needed for the end.

    Kate loves You!

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    Grats Deno, You're one of the nicest persons I've met in this game, and its been a pleasure to ride with you.

    Now I don't like fighting you, but I enjoy the fight. loosen up CG and come shoot me. .

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    Deno always steps on my spider (stingy)

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    Wasn't Brandonthorn the 1st rank 5-9 hunter on vilya?

    Regardless, grats Denograth.
    Rank 10 Hunter, Rank 9 Warleader, Rank 8 Weaver, Rank 7 Reaver, Rank 6 Guardian, Rank 6 Warg, Rank 5 Lore-master, Rank 5 Blackarrow, Rank 4 Champion, Rank 3 Reaver, Rank 2 Rune-keeper, just to name a few.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Menathradon View Post
    Wasn't Brandonthorn the 1st rank 5-9 hunter on vilya?

    Regardless, grats Denograth.
    Could be, and Hellthelion (sp?) was also in the mix back then too now that I think about it, but Deno was definitely early and being trolled for it undeservedly.
    Phrasing! Doesn't anybody do phrasing anymore?

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    Congrats Deno, your normally the one I sense in stealth in the middle of no where on my burg and i spend to much time trying to find what it is.

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    Gratz Deno!!!

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    Congratz Deno, had some laughs with you late at night (you know how you talk dirty when all the kids go to bed).

    Hugs and Kisses - Defeated/Agonize
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    Grats Deno!!!! Now push the creeps away from GV.

    Thohelm-R11 LM/Kameo-R10 Hunter
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    gratz deno!
    just a reminder... anything playable, doable, and actionable, may be considered an exploit and the ban-hammer may be authorized at any and all moments.

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    Congratulations Deno...

    Fun times and giggles in the past; recently moved to Brandywine and apparently there is some hunter here named Denograth too.. Asked em' and its apparently in your honor. You've done good.. Happy travels.




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