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    Exclamation Be Careful with your Kinhouses

    Hi Elendilmir,

    As many of you will know from the global chat channel, over the past two months, many kinships on E have been fallen prey to someone (whom I can't name for CoC reasons), who has repeatedly joined kinships to steal kinhouse chest items and sell them on the AH, before either leaving or being discovered and booted. He's done over a number of kinships already, even some who restrict new recruits' kinhouse chest access; his frequent excuse here is that he has high-levelled gear to place in the chests (watch out for this!). None of this is technically against the rules, so it's near impossible to report him. In any case, access to these chests is the responsibility of the kin hierarchy, not Turbine.

    This is just a message asking that kins, especially kin officers and leaders, be extremely vigilant while this is going on. Ninja-inviting - issuing kin invites to total strangers - could leave you vulnerable. Remember that you can manage the rank-restriction levels on your kinship chests (so that, for instance, only officers and above can access the chests). If you put something pretty valuable into kin chests, be aware of who can access it. And finally, if a stranger messages you asking to join your kinship - particularly in Bree, we've noticed - just be wary. Turbine won't be able to do much about this sort of thing, so it's down to the players themselves.

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    That's pretty ######. Probably inflating the prices too, not that it would be any less ###### if he was selling stuff cheap. Now if he was Robin Hooding all over the place, it'd still be ###### but at least an interesting story.

    Also, for the record, it's not me.
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