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    Starting over and looking for a kinship

    Hello there Riddermark!

    I have decided to start new characters on the Riddermark server and I am looking to join a kinship. I am looking for a fairly active social kin. I have an interest in grouping, but I'm not much of a raider. I've been feeling a lack of camaraderie on my main server, so I am completely starting over on a new server. I am very into crafting and intend to have every profession covered (I like to be self-sufficient). I am a friendly person and get along with almost everyone. I am also more than willing to help people (although currently my capacity to do so would be limited).

    I am in the Eastern US time zone and I usually play most days anywhere from about 3pm to 3am depending on my schedule (I work retail, so I don't have a set schedule). I am usually on 3-5 times a week.

    I have only one character at this point, a lvl 20 hunter named Gilanna. If you think I would be a good fit in your kinship, feel free to PM me, send me a tell or mail in game, or reply!

    Thanks for your time!


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    I was just thinking about posting something similar...

    I created a toon on RM, an RK going by Unpossible. I'd be up for groups or what not. This is a part time thing for me... I still have a main kin on another server and am not in this game as much as I used to be. I'd mostly be interested in grouping & HD big battles but I can do whatever.
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    I may be a little late (some people join the first kinship they see), but I am Peresbert, Leader of Rings Anonymous. We are a decent sized kinship, with many kind people. Most of our active are higher leveled, but we all have many alts we work on. Coming up is our Spring event season so there will always be something fun to work. Speaking of which, I'm currently redecorating the kin house for the spring.



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