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Thread: New to BR

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    Red face New to BR

    Hey everyone i've had BR installed on my pc for a long time but never bothered giving it a try. Now with u13 i actually feel optimistic and excited so i said i'd go for it this time. Would there be anyone around kind enough to give me tips and tricks (what chat channel people use, what to do after leaving the tavern etc.) about BR or maybe even accompany me through this test run. No one in my kin is interested in it so i'll be by myself. /sadface

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    Also, please read the guide to the Eyes and Guard Tavern. It's a really awesome place. When people refer to the E&G on Bullroarer, that is what they are talking about. You can auto-level characters there, you can get a free stipend of 6500 TP per character per day (to be used ONLY on Bullroarer - they do not transfer, nor does buying anything on Bullroarer effect the live servers in any way). There's a craft hall there that has every just about every single craft ingredient there for sale by vendor. It's a good place. They turn it off during official events on Bullroarer (stress tests and stuff like that) but after the events are over, they turn it on. Bullroarer is usually up for several weeks. I'm sad because I just got a new computer so I can't beta test u13 til they get a new installer.
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