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    The Guardians of The Light present: GOTL on Tour

    For those who were wondering, ‘GOTL on Tour’ is all about music, dancing and having a bit of fun in the process. The tours consist out of two parts:
    - Part 1: Here I’ll be playing music. Depending on the week it’ll be me doing a solo, other times I’m assisted by fellow kinship-musicians and sometimes we even have lovely twin hobbit dancers joining in the fun. But do not fear you’ll always have some music to enjoy.
    - Part 2: Music Workshop: After the music is finished (or if the situation allows it otherwise) I’ll be helping any interested people to grasp the basics of LOTRO’s music system by showing how to use ABC-files.

    When is this tour?

    The good thing about these tours is that they’re a weekly thing. So basically you can find me/us doing the tour on Wednesday at 7PM UK-time. In case that the tour can’t take place due to Real Life situations I’ll be announcing it at http://gotl-events.blogspot.be/

    Where is this tour?
    Usually the tour will take place at the stage near the Prancing Pony, however we may decide to hold them on other places across Middle-Earth. If this happens the special location will be announced here at least a week ahead of the moment itself.

    Who can join?
    Basically anyone is welcome.

    How long will these tours be?
    The actual music-playing will last for at least 30 minutes. After about 30 minutes I’ll be helping those who’re interested with setting up for usage of ABC-files. After this we’ll continue with some more music. The total duration will usually be at least 1 hour, although this can get longer as we gather new songs to play in the future.

    By Sythef

    P.S. Please don't mind the forumname as it got like this by accident and it's near impossible to change (and the account I made to post this, one with good name, isn't allowed to post yet).
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    GOTL on Tour 19/03/2014

    Hello people the second edition of our GOTL on Tour finished yesterday and I'd like to thank all those who came to enjoy the music. Numbers may not be as big as some of RP-servers their events but seeing as it's only second time holding it I'm glad with amount of people that came . Also here are some of the pictures made by one of my fellow kinnies. Hope you'll enjoy them and maybe I'll see you one of the next wednesdays.

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    Yes was a really nice night Enjoyed it !! Glad that these will be a regular thing.

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    All you need do is keep going and the word will spread. Your event will be advertised in my post weekly so hopefully a few curious visitors may come and venture to your server.

    I will try and visit also.




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