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    Jun 2011
    Czech Republic

    Cool Grats Chieftain Torrin

    One of the dealiest pew-pewers of Angmar, become even more deadlier last night.
    Grats for the 1st purple rank son and gl with upcoming ones.

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    my reaction as a puny freep.

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    big gratz mate, was fearful yesterday to see a new chiftain :S
    very well deserved, good luck with next ranks
    all chars kinda retired, not playin anymore
    out of date but too bored to change it

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    Jun 2011
    Prague, Czech Republic
    Gratz Torrin, well deserved !

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    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Big grats, Torrin -- nice to see a fellow, long-time WW BA get the Chieftain rank. You're one of the best, mate.

    I should be joining you there in about a week

    -- Bralg
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    I see dead freeple...

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    Quote Originally Posted by georg112 View Post

    my reaction as a puny freep.
    haha Steve Carell ftw , gz torrin goodluck with next ranks!

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    Good work Torrin! Gratz to R12.

    Hope that the BA's get's stronger in the future. Zeo is waiting for duty.
    Ammluk , Ceonor & Ostdeutschland

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    South Africa
    Gz Torrin very well deserved man, keep up with those hard hits on our healers
    E-strolling must be made in South Africa.

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    Don't touch me. I'm evil.

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    I WAS THERE WHEN YOU RANKED! wewt! grats Torrin. keep doin work!
    Krahjarngladiator r10 reaver Spidermaan r10 weaver Shadowsfear r8 warg Vaineatter r8 Warleader Voodoomagoo r7 defiler Vilearrow r6 ba
    Arrowdain r7 hunter

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    Grats Torrin, one of the old guard, nice to see you hit the big time! Gl to next one!
    Akrorgash - r11 reaver // Morakh - r8 wl // Tyrakh r6 ba // Silthus r8 Defi // Rawrik r6 neglected warg // ----- Withywindle

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    Nice to see old players still ranking nowdays.

    Big gratz Torrin, keep those headshots coming ^^ and gl for next rank

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    Gz my Chieftain-Ba-Bro Keep on ganking

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    Big Grats
    Laws are silent in times of war.
    War is the father of us all, King of all. Some it makes gods, some it makes men, some it makes slaves.

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    Jun 2011
    Dublin, Ireland
    Gratz mate ! gl with next one !

    Quote Originally Posted by georg112 View Post

    my reaction as a puny freep.
    Last edited by Grachuk; Mar 16 2014 at 07:53 PM.
    Ashdurbuk (RVR) R11 / Grachuk (WL) R8

    " Playing creep is the only difficult challenge in lotro ".

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    Thank u Gorgothil , thank u all, hope to keep my old white hand still strong for another killing blows

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    Well done Torrin, sad you dont have much time to play in raidVsraid always good to have such a good players like you fighting against that freeps!
    REAVER [color=purple]Kakauete[/color] ::: [color=purple]R13[/color] BLACKARROW [color=purple]Kakadush[/color] ::: [color=purple]R13[/color] WARG [color=green]Kamikazze[/color] ::: [color=green]R11[/color] DEFILER [color=green]Kamolas[/color] ::: [color=green]R10[/color] WEAVER [color=greensoft]Kammi[/color] ::: [color=greensoft]R9[/color] WARLEADER [color=blue]Kabanga[/color] ::: [color=blue]R8[/color]

    GUARDIAN [color=green]SANTAREM[/color] ::: [color=green]R11[/color]

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    Gratz Torrin!
    [center] [b] [color=Darkred] ~~~~~~~~~~~ [/color] [color=Orangered] Withywindle [/color] [color=Darkred] ~~~~~~~~~~~ [/color] [/b] [/center]
    [center] [b] [color=cyan] Nazzgrel [/b] - R10 Defiler [/color] [color=Mediumvioletred] [b] & [/b] [/color] [b] [color=Lawngreen] Nimara [/b] - R13 Burglar [/color] [/center]

    [center] [img]http://s1.directupload.net/images/140314/6qtqp8df.jpg[/img][/center]



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