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    Lightbulb Warsteed dye and equipment

    How about a sale on these items, it has been forever since they were on sale. I will not buy at regular prices and really want some dye.
    You keep putting the same things on sale. Really need a change


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    Expressing my wish for this as well, there haven't been any sales on horse colors for at least 8 months (I started keeping track back in September).

    It would be nice if you separated all the colors too, but that's more of a long shot.

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    Me too has been waiting for a sale on this for a couple of months. And though i have enough Turbine Points i will not buy WS-dyes at normal price... i know if i do they will go on sales the next week

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    I'm surprised that war-steed colour packs are not being offered on sale more often. Has it been a year already? I would appreciate some love and attention to that part of the store!

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    It is long past due, not only for another war-steed cosmetic sale,

    but also for the introduction of new war-steed accessories, cosmetics, tail cosmetics, and updated and more diverse hides.
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