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    Congrats Frupy Rank 11

    Congrats to Frupy, Silverlode's newest commander. Way to go man, you're always ready for a fight and a one man army at times. Glad I was there to get it with you. Thanks also to the creeps who stuck around on a slow morning to fight us until he ranked. Always entertaining with you around.

    and now.... let the flames begin I suppose.

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    Grats:-) Have had lots of good fights with you.
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    Congrats Frupy,

    Your dots are currently hitting me for 3-5k per tick. OUCH

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    Farmed it lol jk bro. Congrats on rank now come back to creep side cutie

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    Grats Frupy! I thought for sure it would take you until tonight. I guess I'll have to be on when ya hit 12 for the mass suicide.
    "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor!"
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    Wow... I have no words for your Frupy. (All good of course)

    I still remember when you were rank 5, and I had just started on my way to rank 9. Trinno, you and myself, went on for about an hour 1v1'ing at GV, trying different builds, and having a good time.
    Then I had a bit of a break from the game, and I come back, see you out here my first day back, and your rank 10, and now your moving on to rank 11. Your a fun person to group with, run with, and play with. Good luck till rank 12, hopefully I can be there to see it this time (Your deadline is April 1st, goodluck). Keep on rolling dude, always will be your friend.

    P.S. Please rename your name to Frumpy.

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    Congrats Frupy

    Now cut the #### with these 5k bleeds. Seriously, well done. Easily one of the toughest to kill freeps I've seen, a one man wrecking crew of sorts. Good luck to rank 12 though I think it's time to get back on creep. Congrats again.

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    Congrats, Frupy! ^_^

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    Grats Frupy now stop starting spars with me hehehehe.

    p.s Lol I see a couple of posts are missing on forums.

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    Thumbs up

    Nice Job

    tough warden to kill out there and with those crazy bleeds anbsdal,jbfdkjdMVD,BagvA D rather u spam heals tbh. Sorry for all the corpse jumping I have put u through it was I was always so thrilled u beat u (never in a 1v1( stupid never surrender)) that I had to let it out some how or I was just angry with you bleeds the prior fight. get back on creep side they have enough heal/bleed spamming wardens.

    Great job anyway ;p

    P.S. didn't u say u were going to bring your r11 reaver over u should do it for sure we need more
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    Macro'd it! J/k, takes a lot to rank that high.

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    congrats can you now stop spamming bleeds
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    Gratz Frupy! well deserved indeed. Fair player, anyone can tell the diference between your warden and the rest.

    keep it up in the way to !12 and thnaks for the countless 1v1 we had.

    ps: sorry for the late post, been busy to stop by the forums in the past few weeks
    U M B R E N I L-1 L A N D R O V A L

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    Congrats! Now help me rank :C

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    congratz! with all the 1v1s you do on that broken class you should hit R12 by next week.



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