Suddenly the joystick option is no longer available and mouse keys 1 and 0 can no longer be remapped. What the #ell is wrong with you people, did you think it was cheating?
I spent six years in this game learning and using the joystick and making it my style of play to get into raiding , and when I FINNALY do, you take it away. what the ###k is wrong with you you want to make money, or is stupid programing and lack of for thought the new model for turbine. just when things get interesting and I think you've hit a good formula you act like brains cost to much. I have four lifetime accounts and spend money in the store to help my accounts. I just want to leave and tell you to put it where the sun don't shine. Some of us are not keyboard wizards, so we compensate as best we can.......turbine neither, gave warning or an explanation as to why they did this.......###?

Nimrodel ..
four life time accounts
67 toons

considering leaving lotro , tired of supporting people that think brains cost to much!